DIY Summer Serving Tray – By Morena of Morena’s Corner

Painted Dish DIY Summer Serving Tray   By Morena of Morenas Corner

Have you ever tried painting on silver? With lots of new products on the craft market, it’s incredibly easy to add new life to old, tired serving pieces. I repurposed a plain silver tray to make a summer ready piece of decor! Here’s how I did it.

silver tray DIY Summer Serving Tray   By Morena of Morenas Corner

  • Silver platter (found at Goodwill)
  • Glass Paint
  • Glass Paint Marker
  • Stencil
  • Brush
  1. Wipe the platter clean with a dry cloth. Place the adhesive stencil on the platter. Press firmly to make sure paint won’t seep under the edges.
  2. Apply glass paint to the stencil. Peel the stencil off slowly.
  3. Wipe your stencil clean, then repeat the design as desired.
  4. Use the glass paint market to make scroll designs on the edges of the platter.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set the paint. I usually let it air dry for 21 days to make it permanent. Once the paint has set, it is washable and dishwasher safe!
  6. I went with a fun beach design for summer, but there are dozens of stencil designs and colors to choose from. Have fun crafting and creating!
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