Easy Canvas Prints Blog http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog Decor, Photography, and Art Ideas Thu, 01 Oct 2015 18:41:38 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.5 Decorate Your Home for Halloween http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/decorate-your-home-for-halloween/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/decorate-your-home-for-halloween/#comments Thu, 01 Oct 2015 18:26:51 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=16101 Continue reading ]]> Ghosts, goblins, and skeletons, oh my! It’s almost that scary time of year, and no we aren’t alluding to tax season, we’re talking about Halloween! Are you ready to become creative with your scare tactics this year? If so, get ready to discover new Halloween decorating tips for the interior and exterior of your home. From spooky door-hangings to festive table centerpieces, we have your Halloween decor covered!

Creating Spooktacular Halloween Decor
ThinkstockPhotos 490130694 Decorate Your Home for Halloween










The best Halloween decorations can be achieved when you have a chosen theme. With this in mind, here are a few tips on choosing the perfect Halloween theme.

  • Decide if you want guts and gore, or surprises and scares. Just as vampires and werewolves aren’t friends, combining fun scares with guts and gore can create a decorating fiasco. Choosing one theme will help you to focus your decorating efforts, so that you can tell a compelling Halloween story.
  • Know your budget before you begin to design. Some themes are more expensive than others, which means that you want to know your budget before you head to the store or down to your basement to begin creating.
  • Pick a theme that you want to see every day. When choosing the perfect Halloween theme you have to remember that a passerby and house guest will only see the decorations for a brief time period; however, you will have to live with the decorations for at least a couple of days or weeks.

Once you have chosen a theme you will be ready to start decorating! And so, without further ado, here are a few decorating tips that are sure to turn your home into a Halloween sensation.

The Exterior of the Home
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  • The classic headless horseman greeter. Creating a headless horseman greeter for your front stoop is a great way to let everyone know that your household is in a “Halloween frame of mind.” Dress your horseman in all black for a particularly spooky site, and don’t forget to make his head out of a glowing jack-o-lantern.
  • A clan of witch pumpkins for the backdoor. Witch pumpkins can be created with different colored pumpkins. For an extra scary look, see if you can find orange, yellow, or white pumpkins. You can also use large squashes (the more knobs the better). Use dark brown paint on any irregularities on the pumpkin or squash to create gruesome-looking warts. Turn the pumpkin’s stem into a nose by covering it with a different colored paint. Add a black witch’s hat, paint a pair of eyes, and your witch pumpkin will be ready to cause a backyard scare!
  • Outdoor tree lighting meets a scary ghost. Head to your linen closet or the store to make or create a scary ghost. Next, hang the ghost in one of your front yard trees, so that it is partially visible from the street. If you don’t have ground lights installed, you can use a set of Christmas lights to create a spotlight on the ghost. Set your lighting solution to a motion-sensor, so that the ghost is lit-up whenever anyone walks by. If you don’t have trees in your front yard, don’t worry! The hanging ghost can also be set-up on your front stoop or in a front window.

The Interior of the Home
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  • Indoor haunted house goody bags. If you are hosting a Halloween-themed party, then what better way to present your guests with a keepsake than with their own miniature haunted house? Start with a black paper bag. Fill the bag with candy or other party favors. Cut out yellow windows and glue them to the bag. Print out a clip-art version of a steeple roof that you can glue to the top of the bag, and voila your standard party bag has been transformed into a haunted house goody bag. Leave these bags scattered around your home as an added decoration.
  • Use a chandelier to create a bat mobile. With a little bit of string, some black cut-out bats, and conveniently hanging chandelier you can easily create a bat mobile that is sure to have people ducking during dinner. You can also print out an image of a dark and eerie cave to place on the wall behind the chandelier. Hang a few bats in front of the photograph to create the impression that the bats are flying in and out of the cave.
  • Gothic candlesticks, fake mice, and cheesecloth create the perfect centerpiece. To create a spooktacular centerpiece, start with gothic looking candlesticks. Use grey or black candles. Strategically place a few mice on and around the candlesticks and candles. Use cheesecloth to create a few wisps of a fake spider web. Drape the spider web around the base of the candlesticks. Be sure to add a mouse or two, and maybe a fake tarantula to the centerpiece for an extra creepy vibe. If you really want to get creative, you can carve out a small portion of a miniature pumpkin and place a fake mouse in the space to create an eerie Halloween-themed centerpiece.

With these tips in mind you will be able to create the spookiest home on the block this Halloween!

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Fall Favorites: Updating Your Home Decor with Autumn Staples http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/fall-favorites-updating-your-home-decor-with-autumn-staples/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/fall-favorites-updating-your-home-decor-with-autumn-staples/#comments Thu, 24 Sep 2015 16:38:33 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=15931 Continue reading ]]> Fall is the time of year when the leaves begin to change, kids head back to school, and a crispness enters the air. It is also the time to switch your home decor from classic summer pieces to fall staples. Fresh table centerpieces, new fall flowers for the front steps, and small items placed strategically throughout your home can help you make the leap from summer fun to fall-inspired decor.

FallLeaves Fall Favorites: Updating Your Home Decor with Autumn Staples










Fall Home Decor Ideas

Whether you are looking to create one iconic image or you want to change the entire feel of your home, we have a few inspired fall decorating tips to help you create a festive and welcoming home during this beautiful time of year.

  • Fall inspired wall hangings. Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and immediately noticed fall-themed photographs or wall art? The quintessential fall images of colored leaves, earthy vegetables, and frost covered fields can easily be transported onto a beautiful print for your family room, kitchen, or entryway areas.
  • Don’t forget about the fall family photos. Changing the position of your family photos is a great way to give your home a new look for the fall. Popular fall inspired family shoots include: apple orchards, hiking adventures, a trip to the local pumpkin patch, and enjoying a family game of touch football.
  • Create a pinecone sensational centerpiece. Pinecones are a fall decorating staple for the majority of individuals in the mid-west and north-east. Make sure that all sap is completely hardened before you place the pinecones onto a nice surface. Pinecones can be displayed individually or as a clustered group. With different colored spray paint you can easily transform your “ordinary pinecone” into “something extraordinary.” For an extra festive look, try using oranges, bright reds, and gold.
  • Create a leaf garland for your mantle. If you live in an area where the temperatures start to dip during the fall, then you are probably getting your fireplace ready for everyday use. In the midst of chopping wood, don’t forget to take a moment to become inspired by the beautiful fall foliage. Leaf garlands can be added to your mantle to create a complementary accompaniment to your brightly lit fire. If you are heading to the store, make sure to buy the most “life-like” leaf garland. If you are making a garland from scratch, you will want to paint the leaves with either clear nail polish or spray the leaves with hairspray. These two techniques will give the leaves a glossy finish, while improving their longevity.
  • Say goodbye to citronella and hello to fall candles. Do you have candlesticks placed throughout your home? Are they on your mantle, in your bathroom, throughout the kitchen, or on side tables? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then it is time to switch-up your candle game. While summer candles bring a freshness to the home, fall candles should create a warm or welcoming vibe. Popular scents include: vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin, and even caramel latte. No matter your scent preferences, don’t forget to choose candle colors that will match the rest of your fall decor. Red, burgundy, orange, yellows, and dark greens are popular fall candle colors.
  • Fall towels can be a staple decorating item for any home. Fall-inspired towels can be placed in your kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen towels can include a cute fall message, feature bright leaves or pumpkins, highlight fall drinks, or any of the other popular fall images. Your white or cream colored summer linens can be switched out for fall hues.
  • Fall flowers bring an extra pop of color to the interior and exterior of the home. Whether you want to choose single plants or create flower arrangements for your home, fall flowers will bring an added touch of color to your home. Popular fall flowers include: mums, marigolds, sunflowers, thistles, and freesias.
  • Collect squashes and miniature pumpkins to decorate your kitchen and porch areas. Squashes and pumpkins are two iconic fall vegetables. These earthy veggies can be used to create a festive kitchen decoration. Grab your favorite wooden bowl or basket, pick out a few brightly colored squashes, choose a cute miniature pumpkin, arrange to your heart’s content, and voila you have just created a new, fun fall decoration.
  • The perfect fall wreaths for the front door. Fall wreaths are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you prefer a leafy creation, or are more interested in combining flowers, twigs, pinecones, and leaves into a natural creation, a fall wreath will brighten your home and help you to transition from summer to fall decor.

After reading this post, are you inspired to decorate your home with a few fall staples? Whether you choose to print out fall inspired wall hangings or add a few beautiful fall flowers to your home, the above tips will help you transition your home into the new season.

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Decorating 101: Where to Start http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/decorating-101-where-to-start/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/decorating-101-where-to-start/#comments Tue, 22 Sep 2015 18:22:41 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=15711 Continue reading ]]> Putting your ideas on paper is one thing, but to bring them to life is truly amazing. I’m sure you have encountered people who hired the best home designers and decorators to give their house a total makeover. This is a great option for people working with a flexible budget, or who may not have the time to experiment with the many variations of styles available. But it’s certainly not the only option.

With a little imagination and creativity, you can decorate your own home using your own resources: your time, your budget, your energy. Put your ideas and creative mind to work and create the perfect environment for you. What have you got to lose?

Put Your Thoughts and Ideas into Perspective

As Mark Twain once said: “the secret to getting ahead is getting started.” So it is with home decor; getting started is often the hardest part. After you have looked at the same rooms for years, it is hard to imagine them looking any other way. Don’t let the thought of decorating overwhelm you. Instead, break your project down into steps or goals.

That being said, don’t have too many steps to complete, or it may become tiresome and technical. Decorating should be fun! You can accomplish a lot in each step, depending on what you have on your to-do list.

Step One

Go through one room at a time, and envision how you want each room to look. What colors do you want? What style of furnishing would be appropriate? Do you want to use solids, stripes, multi-print, or zig- zag colors? Do you want wallpaper now that you have found your colors and styles?

Jot down every thought, every color scheme, and every style that comes to mind. This is your chance to explore your options.

WritingFinal Decorating 101: Where to Start


Step Two

Browse home decor magazines or search the internet for some basic ideas. Sometimes it takes a little inspiration from another source to get motivated. Once you get that first spark, you’ll find that the ideas really start flowing.

If you want to create a warm soothing atmosphere in your living room, go with earth tone colors. Earth tone colors promote a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. This is the setting you want for your bedroom, guest room, or living room. These colors are also great for bathrooms.

EarthTones3 Decorating 101: Where to Start


Step Three

Now it’s time to decide on the best window treatment for your space. Should you use blackout curtains, mini blinds or side blinds? This may seem trivial, but it is a necessary step. Your window treatment will add balance to your room. In fact, whichever style and color you choose, your window treatment should complement the furnishings, the paintings, and the decor.

For example, let’s say you have beige furnishings and an earth tone carpet with brown, orange, beige, and olive. You can choose orange sheer curtains and striped throw pillows to enrich your space. Orange will bring life and color to your peaceful environment while ushering in feelings of rest and relaxation.

Don’t forget the artwork, and choose your paintings carefully. Go with larger framed pictures with a soothing image such as a natural waterfall. Avoid bland colors with no features or pizazz, as they can make a room feel dull and lifeless. And let’s not forget canvas prints!

Easy Canvas Prints Decorating 101: Where to Start


Step Four

If you are a visual person, you can begin with an accent or a centerpiece. Sometimes it takes something small to create something large. If you are inspired by an art piece or some other decor item, let that be your guiding point. If you are good at crafting, you can make your own centerpieces, decorate them with the colors you want, and in a style that will set the tone for your new setting. Think outside the box, and remember: this is your home, inspire yourself to be original.

RoomAccent Decorating 101: Where to Start















Step Five

Now that you have chosen your colors, furnishings, and style, you can focus on the cost. Earlier we suggested breaking each room down into a project or goal. Decide how much you are willing to spend on each room, and make sure the total cost falls within your means. This is particularly important if you are a newlywed on a budget, or if you will soon be welcoming a new addition to the family. With all of the DIY options and decor “hacks” available, there is no reason to break the bank!

Budget Decorating 101: Where to Start


Final Decorating Tips

Once you have made the big decisions around color combinations and themes, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to add a personal touch to any room. With earth tone colors, you can always change the window treatments to another color, and the throw pillows as well. This type of color scheme really allows you to transform any room by simply replacing or switching out colored items.

Wallpapers with printed designs and leafy decor are great options to consider throughout the decorating process. Even fabric wall hangings bring style and class to a natural setting.

Colors are everything and how you use them is up to you. So, put them to work for you and you can’t go wrong!

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Kitchen Color Combinations that will Transform Your Space http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/kitchen-color-combinations-that-will-transform-your-space/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/kitchen-color-combinations-that-will-transform-your-space/#comments Thu, 17 Sep 2015 16:49:28 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=15561 Continue reading ]]> Colors are amazing. Using the right colors in your kitchen can create any type of effect you want. When you look at your kitchen, what do you see, and what look and style do you want to achieve? Do you want to actually make your kitchen bigger, or do you want to make it appear to be bigger? Making it appear larger is significantly less expensive! However, the first step to creating the perfect kitchen is to choose your colors wisely.

After you choose the right colors, you will definitely want to pick out complementary dining room furniture, upgrade the cabinets, and add some decor. Matching wallpaper, centerpieces, and other amenities only add pizzaz to your great taste. Having so many vivid colors to choose from makes it easy to revamp your kitchen into a beautiful, spacious eatery.

Perfect Transformations Begin with Great Colors

  • White and black stripes
  • White backsplash walls, with bright colors
  • Retro colors like aqua blue, cobalt and red

White is the fundamental color for backsplashes when you want to convert a small area into a larger area. The colors you choose will transform your small kitchen into a huge, stylish cooking arena. Providing you want your kitchen area to appear larger than it actually is, try using light colors.

Light and bright colors do well in breakfast nooks, dining rooms, and eating areas. Aside from choosing the right colors, you need to choose the right appliances and furnishings as well.

White appliances are traditional, but now you can buy colored appliances to coordinate with the colors in your kitchen. Lime and yellow are not your average colors, but they can bring life to a dull, otherwise lifeless kitchen.

ColorfulKitchenAppliances1 Kitchen Color Combinations that will Transform Your Space

Image Credit: KitchenAid












Light on the Blues and Trim it in White
Mix and match colors to create a unique contrast design. White kitchen walls with light aqua blue cabinets, white high-back chairs with wide seats and red cushions creates a soothing environment. Wallpaper decor with patterns of aqua blue and white colored swirls sets the tone. The colors reflect peace and serenity.

AquaCabinets Kitchen Color Combinations that will Transform Your Space

Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens













Sunny Bright Yellow
Smile your way through the day with the brightest kitchen on the block. You don’t want your yellow to be too bright, however, so go with one shade darker. A really bright kitchen won’t give you the look and feel you are searching for…it might give you a headache instead!

YellowKitchen Kitchen Color Combinations that will Transform Your Space

Image Credit: sortrachen

Rainbow Colors
Using several different colors to remodel your kitchen is ideal for a really small, dreary looking kitchen. Do the trim in a vivid color, the cabinets in a neutral color, and don’t forget to backsplash the walls with white. Remember: white is the color you want to always put on your background.

Pale colors like purple, blue, and green add depth and openness to an area. So, bounce those colors around. Dare to be bold and creative. Depending on the effect you want, you can paint your walls and cabinets in horizontal or vertical patterns. This depends on whether you want your space to appear longer or wider. For example: do your walls in white, your cabinets in olive green, and make your chair cushions gold. You can use window shades in lieu of curtains, and don’t forget to add the wallpaper around the top of the ceilings.

BoldBlueKitchen Kitchen Color Combinations that will Transform Your Space

Image Credit: HouseBeautiful


Colors are amazing; they can create an illusion in minutes without you having to spend a ton of money on professional contractors. What color combos have worked best for you?

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Celebrating Your Big Day: 6 Essential Wedding Photos http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/celebrating-your-big-day-6-essential-wedding-photos/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/celebrating-your-big-day-6-essential-wedding-photos/#comments Tue, 15 Sep 2015 16:27:05 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=15361 Continue reading ]]> There are some moments in life that are worth cherishing forever. Your wedding day is one of the most important days you will experience in your life. It is a day when family, friends, and loved ones come together and help two people celebrate a new chapter in their lives.
At Easy Canvas Prints, we put your most precious memories in the safest place possible: on canvas. Your special day deserves to be a part of your life forever. Here are the 6 wedding photos you must capture at your wedding.

1. You in Your Wedding Dress

This is the only time you will walk down the aisle with the person of your dreams, wearing the most amazing dress ever. Why not savor the moment? It’s difficult to describe to someone how beautiful you looked, or how delicate your attire was on the day you said “I Do.” Our photo prints speak for themselves and they speak for you as well.

WeddingDress Celebrating Your Big Day: 6 Essential Wedding Photos

Image Credit: John Schnack Photography


















2. The Exchange of Rings

This is the moment when life begins to change for the better. The exchange of your wedding vows signifies your commitment to the person in front of you. For many, this is the most memorable part of the wedding. Everyone is emotional, the groom and bride are staring deeply into each others eyes, and the priest is waiting to say seven of the most important and meaningful words echoed at any wedding: “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” At this moment in time, your life will never be the same again. This memory can live on forever.

RingExchange Celebrating Your Big Day: 6 Essential Wedding Photos

Image Credit: Clickin Moms












3. The Sealing Kiss

Every kiss is meaningful, but your wedding kiss makes your marriage official. Take this photo and put it in a frame for the world to see. At this moment, you become a new person, with a new lease on life. Your future is just beginning. Reflect back to this particular moment and remember why the sealing kiss was so important, and recall the feelings you shared. A fading memory is soon forgotten, but a picture is a constant reminder of what has taken place at this extraordinary time in your life.

SealingKiss Celebrating Your Big Day: 6 Essential Wedding Photos

Image Credit: The Wedding Chicks












4. Throwing the Bouquet

What can be more special than throwing the bouquet? Passing the torch along to another deserving bride is wonderful. Capture that moment when the bouquet leaves your hands and lands in the hands of the next bride-to-be. Who knows – it could make a great wedding gift if the prophecy holds true!

BouquetThrow Celebrating Your Big Day: 6 Essential Wedding Photos

Image Credit: Louisville Wedding Blog












5. The Throwing of the Rice

This is an old tradition that has different meanings for different people. Some people say it brings luck to the couple while others claim it brings prosperity and fertility. Only you can decide what it means to you, and as your life takes a turn for the better, wouldn’t it be great to see just how important rice throwing was at that particular time in your life?

RiceThrow Celebrating Your Big Day: 6 Essential Wedding Photos

Image Credit: Lake Lanier Weddings Blog











6. The Wedding Team

A wedding picture of all the people who shared in your big day is something you will treasure forever. You can even give everyone involved in the wedding this photo as a heartfelt thank you gift. Sometimes words are not nearly enough to express the gratitude in our hearts. We make it easy to say: “Thank you for a job well done.” During the course of your marriage, after the kids are born, you can reflect back over one of the happiest moments in life, and remember the people who shared a part in your happiness.

GroupWeddingPhoto Celebrating Your Big Day: 6 Essential Wedding Photos

Image Credit: Eyesperture

There are thousands of photos to take, and a million memories to share, but the mind can only hold so many. Each photo of your wedding and the life you choose thereafter should tell your story. It should be a picture book that celebrates your life and your greatest love. Years from now, when your children are old enough to understand the true meaning of love, life and relationships, let your pictures tell your story.

We help you put your life on display so you can share your wedding day with family and friends around the world. Put your photos on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, or turn your wedding photos into easy canvas prints. Get them framed and hang them on the wall, or place them on blankets and give them as gifts. They are your memories to cherish and you can share them as you wish. Pictures are more powerful than words when the ones you love can’t be there.

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Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/bringing-the-outside-in-nature-inspired-home-decor/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/bringing-the-outside-in-nature-inspired-home-decor/#comments Wed, 09 Sep 2015 19:00:03 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=15201 Continue reading ]]> With the changing seasons, I am looking forward to spending more time outside. The cooler weather, turning leaves and spiced anything makes for a nice night out. There is no reason to only enjoy your surroundings for a few months (or weeks, if you’re in Texas). By bringing nature inspired elements to your home, you can appreciate the great outdoors year-round.

Natural Color Palette

WindingTones Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of Design Seeds

cvetovaya palitra 554 Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of Color Palettes

Floral Prints

tropical floral rug Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of Centsational Girl

floral prints Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of Young House Love

verandah chair 1 Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of The Blue House

Natural Furniture

natural furniture Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of House to Home

table made of branch nature inspire uniue design livingroom Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of Inspiration for Home

natural selection bug cermaic plates Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of Country Living

Office Spaces

Your office space can be one of the best places to incorporate a little green. If you work full-time, you probably spend a good amount of the day at your desk. Adding in natural elements should help you feel a little more inspired.

natural home office Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of Love Grows Wild

 Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Home Decor

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Bringing nature-inspired decor into your home can brighten up a space. Try adding small elements that add a little color or decorate an entire room with natural furniture and paint. Do you have any natural decor in your home? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Quick & Easy Tailgate Food to Please a Crowd http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/quick-easy-tailgate-food-to-please-a-crowd/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/quick-easy-tailgate-food-to-please-a-crowd/#comments Wed, 02 Sep 2015 21:31:00 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=14961 Continue reading ]]> If you’re anything like me, tailgating has a lot more to do with great food, drinks, and company than the game itself. Especially the food and drinks (sorry, friends).

With football season already underway, we have compiled 8 mouth-watering recipes that take the stress out of high volume food prep. From appetizers to desserts and drinks, we’ve got you covered for game day!

1. Chicken & Waffle Sliders

ChickenWaffleSliders Quick & Easy Tailgate Food to Please a Crowd

Source: Food, Folks, and Fun


















Not only are these sliders unbelievably easy to make, they make a great kid and adult-friendly option. Check out the recipe here, and pass the maple syrup, please!

2. Neiman Marcus Dip

Neiman Marcus Dip Quick & Easy Tailgate Food to Please a Crowd

Source: Love of Family and Home


















Bacon? Cheese? Mayo? What’s not to like!? The name is a bit of a mystery, but the taste is sure to please even your pickiest of football fans. Get the recipe here.

3. Frito Chili Pie

Frito Chili Pie Quick & Easy Tailgate Food to Please a Crowd

Source: The Pioneer Woman












I never experienced the magic of Frito pies until I moved to Texas, and boy do I wish I had discovered them sooner. This is another kid-friendly option, and since it’s eaten right from the Frito bag you can save on plates and bowls! Recipe here.

4. Skinny BBQ Chicken Flatbread

SkinnyBBQChickenFlatbread Quick & Easy Tailgate Food to Please a Crowd

Source: Skinny Mom


While it’s true that tailgates typically don’t conjure up images of leafy greens and salad bars, there are definitely healthy recipes out there. Here’s a “skinny” recipe that doesn’t skimp on the flavor. No one has to know that it’s on the healthier side…

5. Football Shaped Oreo Truffles

OreoTruffleFootballs Quick & Easy Tailgate Food to Please a Crowd

Source: Hoosier Homemade



















Game not going your way? Not to worry, these oreo truffles make everything better. Plus, with only 4 ingredients, they’re a delicious treat that will get you in and out of the kitchen in no time. Full recipe here.

6. Triple Chocolate Stout Beer Brownies

BeerBrownies Quick & Easy Tailgate Food to Please a Crowd

Source: food.com












Beer in brownies? You’ll have to taste these to believe it….and you can’t eat just one. With a rich chocolate flavor, get ready to field requests for these brownies for years to come. Get the details here.

7. Outlaw Lemonade

OutlawLemonade Quick & Easy Tailgate Food to Please a Crowd

Source: Call Me Fudge


This is lemonade like you’ve never tasted it before. Jack Daniels puts the “outlaw” in this refreshing drink that will perfectly compliment any tailgate party spread. Recipe here.

8. Caramel Apple Sangria

CaramelAppleSangria Quick & Easy Tailgate Food to Please a Crowd

Source: The Wholesome Dish















For a fall twist on classic sangria, try a batch of this quick and delicious caramel apple version. With a prep time of only 5 minutes, what’s not to love? Full recipe here.

Happy tailgating!

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Gender Reveal Party Ideas http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/gender-reveal-party-ideas/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/gender-reveal-party-ideas/#comments Tue, 01 Sep 2015 19:00:33 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=14841 Continue reading ]]> I recently had the opportunity to attend my first gender reveal party. It was for my sister who is expecting twins, so double the fun! Today more and more parents are planning parties to find out their baby’s sex and share the excitement with family and friends through a big reveal. There are lots of fun ways to share the news and we’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas below.

Balloon Surprise

Fill a box with pink or blue helium balloons to represent the gender of the baby. When it’s time for the reveal the couple can lift the lid off the box and let the balloons fly out. You can also tie the balloons down with string so that they don’t fly into the sky.

balloon reveal Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Source: mother2kings.blogspot.com

Dessert Filling

Supply your local bakery with your baby’s gender and they can create a cake, cupcake, cookie or a dessert of your choosing with pink or blue filling. This is a fun way to have someone cut or bite into the surprise. In case you’re wondering, this is what my sister chose for her reveal! The picture below shows before and after of the cakes.

Gender Reveal Cake 683x1024 Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Game for Guests

To bring your guests into the fun, you can have them participate in a game or activity. Ask them to dress in pink if they think the baby is a girl, blue if they’re thinking it’s a boy. Guests can also cast a vote for the sex or wear a pin indicating their choice. We’ve even seen couples put their sonogram reading on display to see if people can read it. Supplying a prize for those who guess correctly creates a fun, competitive environment.

gender reveal vote Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Source: littlebabyedmonds.blogspot.com

team pink and blue 683x1024 Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Source: sadiejamesphotography.com


Who doesn’t love a good scratch-off game? You can supply cards to all of your guests so that everyone can reveal at the same time. We’ve also seen these used as baby announcement cards. Here are a few options from Enchanting By Design.

gender reveal scratch off Gender Reveal Party Ideas

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No matter how you choose to announce the sex of your new bundle of joy, we hope that it brings you lots of happiness and excitement. Be sure to capture photos of your reveal so that you can cherish your memories forever.


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8 Photo Ideas Every Dog Lover Must Try http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/8-photo-ideas-every-dog-lover-must-try/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/8-photo-ideas-every-dog-lover-must-try/#comments Wed, 26 Aug 2015 17:35:34 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=14661 Continue reading ]]> In honor of National Dog Day, we’ve assembled our favorite picture ideas for capturing the many personalities of man’s best friend. From the heartwarming to the downright ridiculous, there’s bound to be at least one photo you can copycat (copydog?) for your own furry friend on this most adorable of days.

1. DIY Photo Booth
Photo booths aren’t just for the two-legged! From shelter fundraisers to dog shows, more and more pet-friendly photo booths are popping up across the country. Keep an eye out for a benefit near you, but in the meantime, you can DIY with the app Pocketbooth. This new mobile app is “the photo booth that fits in your pocket” – perfect for a spontaneous shoot with your pup!

Dog Photo Booth 8 Photo Ideas Every Dog Lover Must Try

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2. A Dog’s Life Aquatic
This photo inspiration comes straight from Seth Casteel’s viral sensation Underwater Dogs, a hilarious photo collection of – you guessed it – dogs underwater. Why not dust off your waterproof camera and give it a try?

UnderwaterLab 8 Photo Ideas Every Dog Lover Must Try

Image Credit: Seth Casteel











3. Up Close & Personal
If you got it, flaunt it! Some dogs have that one striking feature that is perfect for a closeup shot. Add a little color enhancement for extra effect, and you’ve got a beautiful image of your four-legged friend.

DogCloseUp 8 Photo Ideas Every Dog Lover Must Try

Image Credit: MackenzieClaire

















4. Play Dress Up
Okay, some dogs may be more open to this one than others, but you have to admit that dressing up your dog can provide some pretty adorable photo opportunities. We don’t want you losing any fingers here. But, if you can, pick out an outfit that reflects his or her personality and give it a try!

PugClothes 8 Photo Ideas Every Dog Lover Must Try

Image Credit: GoodtoKnow












5. Seriously Cute
You know those moments when you catch your dog intently staring out the window, and you find yourself wondering: “what is he thinking about?” Capturing your dog’s serious side on camera makes for some incredible dog portraits – just don’t interrupt their deep moments too often!

SeriousDog 8 Photo Ideas Every Dog Lover Must Try

Image Credit: Ryan Hougesen
















6. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
There is something inherently comforting about a sleeping dog. Take advantage of their blissed out state to snap some endearing photos; you’ll easily get some still shots, and they’ll be none the wiser!

SleepingPuppy 8 Photo Ideas Every Dog Lover Must Try

Image Credit: Martin Hahn












7. The Action Shot

If your dog is anything like mine, it can be tough to get them to sit still for 5 seconds, let alone a whole photo shoot. Instead of trying to control their energy, embrace it! Take pictures when your dog is happiest – running, jumping, chasing the mailman, you name it. Here are some tips on capturing stellar photos of animals in motion, perfect for dog photography.

CorgiRunning 8 Photo Ideas Every Dog Lover Must Try

Image Credit: Daily Dog Tag












8. Get in the Picture
Last but not least, sometimes the best photos of our dogs are taken with the people they love most. So grab a friend or set up a timer on your camera, and snap some photos with your pup. Because let’s face it – our dogs bring out the best in us, and who doesn’t want to look their best?

DogPortrait 8 Photo Ideas Every Dog Lover Must Try

Image Credit: Deidre Lynn



















We hope that this photo collection will make for some beautiful, canvas-worthy photos of you and your dog. Have some ideas of your own? Please share below!

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How to Hang a Canvas Print http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/how-to-hang-a-canvas-print/ http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/how-to-hang-a-canvas-print/#comments Thu, 20 Aug 2015 18:00:28 +0000 http://www.easycanvasprints.com/blog/?p=14571 Continue reading ]]> Today we’re throwing it back and completing a revamp of one of our most popular posts: Helpful Tips for Hanging Canvas. We’re going to walk you through the steps of how to hang an Easy Canvas Prints product. If you have a different canvas the same steps should apply, we just think Easy Canvas Prints is the best. Not that we’re biased or anything.

Before hanging you’ll need to go through the simple order process and ship your canvas directly to your door. You’ll choose a size, upload your image, select finishing options and then place your order. Already have your canvas in hand? Cool, let’s walk through how to hang.

  1. Gather the necessary supplies

The nice thing about canvas is that it is lightweight, so you shouldn’t need anything heavy-duty. We recommend a pencil, hammer and nails (or drill and screws), picture hangers, and a level. A friend to help with eyeing the level and placement is also really helpful! Before you add your Easy Canvas Prints canvas to the cart, we provide two options for hanging. If you purchase either of these, you should be good to go.

Wall Hanging Systems How to Hang a Canvas Print

  1. Install your picture hangers or hanger system

Depending on if you purchased our optional hardware or went to the store to buy your own, you’ll want to make sure it’s applied to your canvas. Either screw the hangers directly on the canvas frame or follow these directions for the wall hanger system. If you purchased our wall mount, nothing goes on the canvas print.

  1. Measure and mark your wall

This is where that friend comes in handy. In the space where you want to hang your canvas choose the spot on the wall where it looks best. This can be eye level, above furniture, or your personal preference. Once the perfect spot is chosen, hold the canvas print against the wall and mark the top of the canvas with a light pencil mark.

  1. Hammer nails

Measure the placement for your nails (or screws, alternatively). This will depend on the hardware you’ve chosen. Keep it close to the pencil mark for the top of the canvas and place your nail/screw directly in the drywall.

  1. Hang your canvas

Erase the pencil marks off your wall using a soft eraser and hang the canvas print on the wall. Use a level across the top of the canvas to make sure it’s even. Then take a step back and look at its position on the wall.

Hopefully, it looks a little something like this!

Texas 005 1024x512 How to Hang a Canvas Print

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