Summer Fun With The Kids: 3 DIYs They Will Want To Stay Inside For Them

istock 000005278591xsmall Summer Fun With The Kids: 3 DIYs They Will Want To Stay Inside For Them

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School’s out, kids are out and you have no idea what to do with all this time. Most children will want to go outside and play but sometimes you just don’t have the time to sit outside with them. This is when the wonderful DIYs come in handy. You can buy all the materials if you don’t already have them and set the little kiddos up at a table, give them instructions and let them take it away. These crafts will keep them occupied and they can play with the end result afterwards! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Rock and Wood, Tic-Tac-Toe
-Flat piece of wood (maybe a slice of a stump)
-Multitude of colors of paint
-Paint brushes
-10 flat rocks

This game is great for each child to make their own or for two children to make together. Simply paint a Tic-Tac-Toe grid on the piece of wood. Then paint a design or a solid color on 5 flat rocks and a different design or solid color on the other 5 flat rocks. Let everything dry then play all day!

-Cardboard tube
-Hot glue gun
-Aluminum foil

Form a triangular tube with the aluminum that fits perfectly into the cardboard tube. Cut out three circular pieces of plastic that are the same size as the tube opening and make sure one is just small enough to fit inside. Hot glue gun the smaller circle about one inch into the tube so that it can be one side of the compartment for the beads. Glue gun another circle at?the end of the tube but make sure you put those beads in there first. Next, insert the triangle into the cardboard to use as the mirror. Then hot glue gun the last circle to the other end of the tube and cut out a doughnut from the cardboard to glue over the plastic. Then, let the Kaleidoscope imaginations soar!

Stained Glass Kites
-Tissue paper
-Construction paper
-Wax paper

Draw a kite shape onto the construction paper then cut it and cut out the middle while leaving a border. Glue the kite border to the paper. Next, cut up the tissue paper into little shapes that will look great when glued down onto the kite. Once the last piece of tissue paper is glued down, glue another piece of wax paper on top of it all and trim the edges to make the perfect kite. Staple a string of yarn to the bottom corner of the kite and let it fly!

Share with us what you will be making with your children this summer!

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5 Of Most Popular Home Decor DIYs On Pinterest Today

Pinteresting is the ultimate pass time. However, sometimes there are just so many pins and ideas and projects that you don’t know which one to actually start on. We’ve made it much easier for you and have selected 5 of the most popular Pinterest home decor DIYs for you to choose from. Now, craft away!

Crate Coffee Table

 5 Of Most Popular Home Decor DIYs On Pinterest Today

Photo Credit: My Anything and Everything

This coffee table is easy, quick, and eclectic. It will go perfectly with colorful pillows in your living room.

Honeycomb Shelves
(  682x1024 5 Of Most Popular Home Decor DIYs On Pinterest Today

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Whether you put these in your bedroom or entryway, they will instantly give life to your walls and allow you to display all those trinkets you’ve been collecting.

Dishwasher Makeover

apartmenttherapy 5 Of Most Popular Home Decor DIYs On Pinterest Today

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

This is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, or someone who doesn’t have the ability to redecorate their wall space.

Mason Jar Organizer
(  5 Of Most Popular Home Decor DIYs On Pinterest Today

Photo Credit: The DIY Playbook

Perfect for the disorganized rustic lover. The mason jars will bring a new look to your bathroom or kitchen without completely overhauling the room.

Tiled Mirror

dollarstorecrafts 5 Of Most Popular Home Decor DIYs On Pinterest Today

Photo Credit: Dollar Store Crafts

Pottery Barn might be too expensive for some of you but this tiled mirror that will make your friends jealous.

Share with us some of your favorite home decor DIYs from Pinterest!

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How To Host The Most Relaxing Memorial Day Party

white lights How To Host The Most Relaxing Memorial Day Party

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Memorial Day is right around the corner, literally it’s this weekend so you need to perk up and get into party mode. However, you might not want to throw a crazy party where it’s all about staying up till dawn, you’d rather have a quiet and relaxing evening with your friends. That’s where this post comes in. We’ve put together decor ideas, a dip recipe, and a drink recipe that will set the perfect mood for you and your guests to ring in the summer.

The Decor
Find a large tin bucket and a large round slab of wood. Sand the wood then stain it a darker shade and apply polyurethane for protection. Buy three or four outdoor rugs that are able to overlap and lay next to each other without clashing colors. Place the tin bucket on top of the rugs then the slab of wood on top of the bucket to form a cute and easy outdoor table. If you have a patio with a roof over it, use the beams to wrap twinkle light around the patio so that you can have a candle and twinkle lit atmosphere!

The Dip (from
Out-Of-This-World Corn Dip
3 cans sweet corn with diced peppers, drained
1 can chopped green chilies, drained
1 can chopped jalapeno peppers
1/2 cup green onion, chopping
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
16 ounce shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2-3 bags scoop corn tortilla chips

In a large bow, mix all the ingredients except the chips. Chill for two hours or as long as overnight to really let the ingredients come together. Serve with the scoops.

The Drink (from
Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco
3 cups Prosecco, chilled
1 cup limoncello liqueur, chilled
1 cup fresh raspberries
Fresh mint leaves

Freeze the raspberries to use as the ice cubes for the drink. In a large pitcher, mix together the Prosecco and limoncello liqueur then pour into glasses. Plop in the raspberries and mint leaves for garnish.

How are you preparing for your Memorial Day weekend party?

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How To DIY A Gender Neutral Baby Shower

andersruff Monogram Baby Shower9 How To DIY A Gender Neutral Baby Shower

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We’re ending our three part series on baby showers with DIYing a gender neutral one! The more neutral colors you can select will be navy, gray, green, purple and yellow. Of course there are variations of those colors that will go well with anything you decide to DIY. Follow these simple instructions and you will be on your way to being a neutral baby shower expert!

There are many DIYs themes you can do versus bows/tutus for girls and sports/mustaches for boys. A popular one for gender neutral showers is animals such as elephants, giraffes, hippos, and bears. So to display this theme and incorporate a fun game into your shower, try making a pinata! You’ll need chicken wire, wire cutters, string, a hook, Modge Podge, and paper mache. Mold the chicken wire into any of the animals listed above or any other animal. Use the wire cutters to help with the molding such as cutting and attaching the trunk of an elephant. Next, place the hook ontop of the animal and attach the string to use as a hanging device. Make a small hole, using the wire cutters somewhere in the animal to fill with anything you’d like to rain down on people then cover with paper mache using the Modge Podge.

Washi Tape Straws
These are exactly what they sound like, straws covered in Washi tape. You can buy rolls in all colors and patterns so pick as many as you’d like out along with some straws, ribbon, burlap paper, and a charpie pen if you don’t already have one. Simply cover the straw, top to bottom with the Washi tape then cut out mini tags from the burlap paper and write “It’s A Baby!” on each one. Attach a tag to each straw and place in the sparkling apple juice!

Button Baby Letters
Buy the wood letters from Hobby Lobby that make up “baby”, along with some buttons of various sizes, and gray, yellow, and white paint. Paint the letters gray, and the buttons yellow and white. Once the letters are dry, glue gun the buttons to the corners of each letter and make a ombre sprinkle effect. Place them on the table or on the front porch for those who’ve never been to the house!

Share with us pictures of your DIY!

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DIY The Perfect And Girliest Baby Shower Possible

020 DIY The Perfect And Girliest Baby Shower Possible

Photo Credit: Catch My Party

Following our blog post from this past Tuesday, we will show you how to put together the perfect baby shower for the perfect soon-to-be baby girl. Make a couple or all of these and you’ll have an afternoon to remember! Most of the DIYs from the past post can be used for girls as well if you switch out the colors from blue to pink or purple and vice versa.

Marshmallow Ballerinas
You’ll need pink paper cupcake cups, white chocolate almond bark, pink sprinkles, white marshmallows, and sewers. Melt the almond bark in a pan on the stove (there should be instructions on the back). While you are waiting for it to melt completely, stab each paper cup with the sides facing down towards the skewer then the marshmallow on top. Dip the top half of each marshmallow in the melted chocolate then sprinkle on the pinkness. Make sure you pop these in the fridge asap to keep the almond bark in place.

Framed Letter Guest Book
You know those frames that have the larger mat? Buy one of those or simply a large frame and heavy duty white paper to use as the background. In the middle of the white framed paper, glue together pink buttons of various sizes that come together as the baby’s first name initial. If you don’t think you can handle doing that on your own, you can buy a cardboard letter and glue it on then glue the buttons on that. Leave this by the door along with a few pens and your guest and sign in and leaves little notes around the letter!

Centerpiece Mason Jar Flowers
To keep it classy for the centerpiece on your tables, grab some mason jars, one for each table. Spray paint them metallic gray and let dry. Buy pink Hydrangeas and cut the stems off short enough so that the flowers are the only part sticking out of the mason jar. You can also put three of these on a long mirrored tray and this will make a perfect entryway decor piece.

Bow Garland
This will bring your food table decor to the next level. Find various patterns of paper you like and cut out the different parts of a bow: the wings, the middle circle, and the actual bow shape. Fold the part that makes up the bow and glue the ends together the glue the dot on top, in the middle. Finally attach the the two wings, one on either side then to the string so it stays in place.

Share with us in the comments the best DIY you’ve ever seen at a baby shower!

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How To DIY The Perfect Baby Shower For A Boy

H1DPL3614 How To DIY The Perfect Baby Shower For A Boy

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Today we’re kicking off a three part post on baby showers. Today’s post will go over DIYs for baby boys, Thursday’s post will be over baby girls, and finally next Tuesday’s post will cover neutral baby showers. Come back each day to learn how you can throw the perfect baby shower for yourself or a friend!

So typically baby showers for boys involve blue. For the sake of simplicity we’re going to stick to that stereotype and all things DIYs today will use the color blue some way or another.

Rain Cloud Guest Book
Guest books can be either boring such as a blank book you write your name in or they can be creative and fun and not even a book at all! That’s where this little rain cloud guest book comes in.?Draw a large cloud or multiple little ones towards to top of a white piece of construction paper. Shadow it, make it look somewhat realistic. Next line up various shades of blue ink pads and one black pen. Have each guest ink their fingerprint under the cloud to form raindrops and make sure they write their name under the fingerprint. Frame it and hang it in the baby’s room!

Mason Jar Hot Air Balloon
This DIY will take a little more time than the one above. You will need a blue Chinese paper lantern, white string, two lollipop sticks, blue ribbon, a mason jar, hot glue gun, and a battery operated tea candle. Glue the lollipop sticks on opposite sides of the top of the mason jar, sticking them upward. Glue the Chinese paper lantern to the top the two lollipop sticks then place pieces of string going from the top of the lantern to the top of the mason jar for the rope effect. Once everything is dry and in place, tie a blue ribbon bow around the lid of the mason jar and place the tea candle in the middle. Make once of these for each table as a center piece!

Onesie Strung Letter Decor
For this you will need 6 blue onesies (any shades of blue), white paint, a paint brush, 12 clothespins, and string.?Painting one letter on each separate onesie, paint “Oh Boy!” then let dry. Once the onesies are done drying, hang each one up with the clothespins on the string either above the door or the food table. You obviously can put a different phrase if you’d like!

Mint Pacifiers
These cute little candies will be perfect for filling up a goody bag or for handing out after everyone’s done eating. Simply use white icing to stick two lifesavers perpendicularly together then use icing again to stick a blue jelly on top of the life saver to act as the rubber part of the pacifier. Make tons of these to hand out!

Share with us in the comments some DIYs you’ve done for baby boy showers!


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Attention All Fort Hood/Killeen, Texas Residents!

ECP FBAds 20150424 troops withlogo 1024x535 Attention All Fort Hood/Killeen, Texas Residents!

May is Military Appreciation Month and as a way to show our appreciation Easy Canvas Prints is offering FREE professional family portraits for military families on May 30, in Harker Heights, Texas. Each family will get 15 minutes with a professional photographer and will receive a FREE 16×20 inch canvas of the best photo of their family. We only have 100 spots available, so please email by May 15, and we will notify you if you are one of the chosen families!

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News Ways To Spice Up Your Garden

enhanced buzz 18077 1366654396 16 News Ways To Spice Up Your Garden

Photo Credit:

We understand that there are plenty of times when you look out your window and wonder what you could do to make your garden look the best in the neighborhood. Use some of these tips and tricks to make your yard pop for summer and make all your friends jealous!

Glow In The Dark Planters
Buy glow in the dark paint from your local paint store, make sure it’s waterproof.?You can either choose to paint a bunch of little pots to make a light path or you can paint the giant planters you have to brighten up the whole yard. All you need to do is choose which ones to paint then do just that!

Hanging Flower Vases
This particularly works well if you have beams to hang vases from outside. Go to the thrift store and collect vintage flower cases, the really slim ones. Fill them with water and flowers then hang them at various heights above your patio table. It’s a perfect way to decorate for an outdoor party or for your personal enjoyment!

Sunflower Hut
This yard art will not happen overnight but you and your kids can enjoy it for a long time. Sow a large circle of sunflower seeds, leaving a substantial amount of space in the middle to allow a couple of chairs to sit and an opening in the circle edge. After about two months, you’ll have a beautiful sunflower hut where you can go to read or just escape for a little while.

Leafy Stepping Stone
If you’ve been wanting a unique stepping stone path then here it is! Find a giant leaf, a wide circular object, and some stepping stone mold. Place the circular object on top on the leaf and pour the mold into it. The amount you pour will depend on how thick you want the stepping stone to be (remember, the thinner it is, the more likely it is to break easily). Once it’s fully hardened, flip it over and peel back the leaf to admire your leafy patterned stepping stone!

Share with us some of your yard art or garden tricks!

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DIY The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mothers Day Flowers 1024x682 DIY The Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Photo Credit:

It’s that time of year again! Time to think about your mom, how much she means to you, and what would make her feel special for a day. You can buy her a spa package, tickets to a musical and nice restaurant, or a full on vacation but some moms just want something made with love. Choose one or all of these DIYs to give to your mom and let her know she is loved!

Pedicure In A Jar
This is for the mothers who like to have their toes painted but not so much someone else doing them. Find a mason jar and go to your local beauty store to grab some nail polish, a toe separator, nail filer, nail clippers, and a buffer. Choose a color that you know your mom will love to show off during the summer!

Instagram Magnets
To all the artsy photography mothers out there, this one’s for you! Find a website that can print your mom’s Instagram photos in a miniature size. Then buy a wide roll of magnet that will sufficiently cover the back of each photo and glue gun them together. Make sure you don’t use too much glue or it might ruin the photo.

48197d884bed2614 P1110059.preview DIY The Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Photo Credit: Popsugar

Dotted Stemless Wine Glasses
We all have a friend who’s mother can probably out-drink you. If you’re that friend, then your mother will surely appreciate some new stemless wine glasses. Buy a set of four stemless wine glasses and 5 or 6 colors that complement each other. Get some q-tips and begin tabbing dots onto the lower half of the glass. Use several different colors on each glass, switching up the most prominent one each time.

Photo Bookmarks
This one is for the mom who reads every night before bed and has grandchildren. Take a picture of each grandchild holding their hands together above their head. Print them out then glue each one onto a sheet of construction paper to give the bookmark a solid backing then cut out each one. Hole punch a hole right where the child’s hands meet and thread through some yarn or a tassel.

What will you be making for your mom on this special day?

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Cinco De Mayo Your Way Into May

Pinata Feature 2 2 Cinco De Mayo Your Way Into May

Photo Credit: Brit + Co

Throwing the perfect Cinco de Mayo party will not only involve making the tastiest margaritas but also decorating your home accordingly. This day is to celebrate the Battle of Puebla which took place in 1862, the victory has been celebrated ever since. The holiday spread to the US where you can find tons of people each year enjoying the Mexican culture. Here is how YOU can have the perfect Cinco de Mayo party with the right decorations, food, and drinks.

Colorful sombreros, big ones and mini ones are a must. Don’t even think about forgoing them. If you don’t look good in hats then wear it anyways because it will automatically put you in the celebratory spirit! Serapes are less common, however, they make great ponchos or colorful rugs. They will breathe extra life into your entryway or living room and you can hand some out to guests for them to wear. The lighting is of the utmost importance. Using luminarias to light your sidewalk or backyard, these little punched tin candle holders will exude a calming glow. Last but not least, a Mexican flag! Of course it can’t be a celebration without the country’s colors being represented.

20121024 227412 mole poblano thumb 625xauto 281459 Cinco De Mayo Your Way Into May

Photo Credit: Serious Eats

There are three famous dishes from Puebla so naturally you should cook at least one of them on this special day. There’s Mole Poblano, Chalupas, and Chiles en Nogada. The first one has a hefty list of ingredients but it must be worth it if it’s the most eaten dish on Cinco de Mayo. The second can be summed up as thick tortillas with salsa. The third involves boneless pork butt and incorporates all colors of the Mexican flag. You can find all three dishes’ recipes on the internet, the key is to find and make the most authentic one!

The Paloma 3 680x1024 Cinco De Mayo Your Way Into May

Photo Credit:

Margaritas are Mexican therefore you NEED to make them for your Cinco de Mayo party. However, you’re going to forgo the store bought mix and make a true margarita: 7 parts tequila, 4 parts triple sec, and 3 parts lime juice. If you’re feeling adventurous and would like something different or just another option, try a paloma. One shot of tequila, three shots of Squirt, and grapefruit soda will give you a new refreshing drink that people will love!

Women traditionally wear China Poblana or Escaramuza, which are dresses and skirts filled with colors and lace. They’re flowy and perfect for dancing! Men typically wear Guayaberas, which are traditional shirts with some kind of vertical motif on the front. You can also just wear something colorful and bright, just make sure you have some red, white, and/or green in there!

How are you going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

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