Incorporating Pink Into Your Home Decor

As we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is why this post will be dedicated to incorporating pink accents into your home decor. Whether it’s a hot pink chair or a new rug with a light pink pattern, there’s always a way to sprinkle the color throughout your home. If you don’t think you can handle a lot of pink then settle for a few candles!

Hot Pink
This is for the bold and beautiful. It can be a little overwhelming to have a hot pink piece of furniture or hot pink curtains but it’ll bring life to any room! A lot of the time we associate hot pink with teenage girls but it can be extremely elegant when used for an accent wall. For example, paint all the walls white in one room then choose one wall to paint a quatrefoil pattern with pink. It’ll draw attention to that particular wall but it won’t be overwhelming. Another way to incorporate this shade is through pillows. Whether your couch is brown, black or lime green, pink will add a little something to the dark colors without clashing. Now if you’re feeling extremely bold… paint your front door! People will instantly spot your house, in a good way.

Light Pink
Light pink is for those who enjoy the color but don’t want it to be the main attraction of a room. If you have built in bookshelves, go ahead and paint the back of the shelf so that there’s a backdrop to your items. As mentioned above, candles are a subtle way to show off the color without being obnoxious. Reupholster a white chair with plush light pink solid or patterned fabric to make it more interesting. If you’re feeling extremely crafty, sew in some light pink flowers onto your comforter, this looks great when move of your furniture in the room is white!

Popular Pink Items
Pink flowers always add a great touch to any occasion so why not put some out for the whole month! A hot pink accent chair will not only be comfortable to sit in but it will brighten up the room as well. If you’re feeling crafty and have some time on your hands, paint a design onto your white dishes. It will make them interesting and you can brag to all your friends that you made them.

getwell flowers 228x300 Incorporating Pink Into Your Home Decor

How will you incorporate pink into your home this month? Share in the comments below!

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Rehabbing Your Bedroom

The leaves are falling, the weather is beginning to look gloomy and all you want to do is curl up in bed with some soup and watch a movie. The only thing stopping you is your terrible bedroom decor. There are many ways to revive a room without having to do a full room rehab. Changing the curtains, making a new headboard, and painting an old dresser are affordable and quick decor ideas to turning your boring room into a safe haven you’ll never want to leave.

dv619054 243x300 Rehabbing Your Bedroom The first step is evaluating what kind of ambiance you’d like to have in your bedroom. Is it eclectic, cottage, or whimsical? For an eclectic style, you’ll want to do a lot of thrifting because that’s just how you find eclectic furniture and inspiration. For a cottage feel, stick with the dark woods. Maybe stain your bed frame with a dark finish or switch out the hard gray framed mirror for one lined with thick sticks. If you’re wanting to feel cozy, try the whimsicality of white twinkle lights hanging above your bed. There’s nothing warmer than shutting offs all lights and plugging those in to read a book.

The second step is deciding what piece of furniture you’d like to give a makeover to. Dressers are probably the easiest because all you need is a coat of paint but you’re feeling a little more daring: try repainting your desk and chair, or your closet doors! For most women, closets are the central part of a bedroom therefore it’s only fitting it be the eye catcher in the room. Whether it’s painting one color or using a stencil to paint on a great design, rehabbing a bedroom piece can instantly change the decor.

The thir108724832 267x300 Rehabbing Your Bedroom d and last step you will be accomplishing on this bedroom adventure is the headboard/bed frame. A majority of people are in their bedroom to sleep and nothing else. Ergo, the bed should reflect your bedroom aura. Paint your bed frame a new color to bring it back to life or make it complement the piece of furniture you redid. If you don’t have a bed frame, DIY your own personalized headboard. Faux fur for the cottage look or map of the world fabric so you can dream about your future travels under those twinkle lights.

Now that you have redone your bedroom the way you’ve always wanted it, go ahead and pick out your favorite movie, make some hot chocolate and cozied up in bed.

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Bring The Pumpkin Patch Into Your Home

It’s October and time to go pumpkin patch picking! In a previous post we talking about ways to decorate your home for fall and we mentioned pumpkins. This will be a more extensive list of what you can actually do with the squash! For each of these DIYs you will need to put on your boots and head over to the closest pumpkin patch to pick the best pumpkins. It doubles as a craft pick-up place and an outing with your friends or family!

pumpkin patch 2 682x1024 Bring The Pumpkin Patch Into Your Home

Chalkboard Pumpkin
What you’ll need:
- Pumpkin
- Chalk paint (any color you’d like)
- Paint brush
- Chalk stick

This might be the easy DIY you ever do. Simply paint the entire pumpkin, excluding the stem, with the chalk paint. Once it’s dry, chalk away! Display in your kitchen to write down meals for the week or write down your favorite fall recipe so it’s always on hand.

Confetti Pumpkin
What you’ll need:
- Pumpkin
- Large metallic confetti
- Hot glue gun

Here’s another fairly easy craft for you! The idea is to make a scattered effect by putting a large concentration of the towards the stem and spreading them out more and more down the pumpkin. Just hot glue gun?the confetti to the pumpkin and make sure you’re holding down each individual confetti long enough so it doesn’t slip.

Tights Pumpkin
What you’ll need:
- Pumpkin
- Sheer black patterned tights of your choice
- Black ribbon
- Scissors

Pull one leg of the tights over the pumpkin so that the foot part covers the stem. Flip the pumpkin over and tie a know in the tights so that when you cut it, the tights stay on. Put the pumpkin right side up and cut enough black ribbon to tie a bow around the stem. This will make the tights line the stem better and add a little extra fab to it!

Studded Pumpkin
What you’ll need:
- Pumpkin
- Metal Studs (various shapes and sizes)
- Hammer
- Black paint
- Paint brush

This one is for the chic souls with a dark side. Paint your pumpkin black and let dry. You’re more than welcome to choose a different color if you’re not feeling it! Once the pumpkin is dry, decide what type of pattern you’d like to have on it. We like lines going down the pumpkin, alternating each stud with a different shape. You can also form rings of studs around the pumpkin or if you’re feeling super artsy, create a shape! Remember that once a stud is place into the pumpkin, it will leave a hole so make sure you know exactly where you want the studs to go. If you don’t think you can free hand it, make marks on the pumpkin with a pen to know exactly where to place the studs.

What are your favorite ways to pumpkin patch your home?

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New Ways To Display Your Photos

If you’re wanting to spice up your home decor while displaying your photos, this post is for you! We’ve compiled some exciting new ways to display photos in your home while leaving behind the old boring frames.

Mason Jar
What you’ll need :
- Photo of choice
- Mason jar with lid
- Vegetable oil

This is one is extremely easy! All you need to do is place the photo in the mason jar however you’d like it displayed, pour the vegetable oil over the photo so that it fills the jar and tighten on the lid. If you would like to add beads, dried flowers, or anything else of that sort to decorate the jar a little more then insert the items into the jar after you pour the oil. It’s a great way to give a photo a vintage feel.

Vintage Window Pane
What you’ll need:
- Window pane with separators
- Spray adhesive
- Photos
- Hot glue gun (optional)

Make sure the glass is still in the window and that the photos are blown up to the proper size to fill the different sections of the window. Flip the window over so that front is facing down. Spray the the glass with the spray adhesive and place the photos on the window pane however you’d like them displayed. Once the adhesive has dried, you are done! If you would like more security, you may hot glue gun the edges of the back of the photos to the window to make sure they do not move once you display your window.

Frame and clothes pins
What you’ll need:
- Large frame (26″x32″)
- Photos
- Clothes pins (preferably mini)
- Spray paint
- Twine
- Hammer
- Nails

Spray paint the front of the frame and clothes pins a color of your choice. Once the frame is dry, flip it over so the front is facing down. Hammer in four nails equally spaced apart on the wide side of the frame. Hammer in nails on the opposite side so that they line up with each other. Make sure to leave enough of the nails sticking out so you can tie the twine around them. Cut four pieces of twine, enough so that you can stretch it from one to nail to the opposite one. Go ahead and tie the twine around the nails. Flip the frame back over and begin clothes pinning the photos to the twine. Simply place the finished frame with photos against the wall. If you’d like to hang it up, nail in a frame hanging hardware and hang it up!

Share your favorite photo DIY displays in the comments!

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Pinterest Worthy Senior Photos

It’s that time of year high school oldies, senior photos! It can be hard to come up with original ideas for pictures or poses unless you have a competent photographer. We’ve compiled a list of ideas for you so that you can make the most of your photoshoot.

This will be your favorite if you’re a fan of Disney’s Up. Blow up a bouquet of different colored balloons and snap some photo of you holding them. You can jump up with them and it will look like you’re flying away towards your future. Pull a Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries and pop one leg or simply sit cross-legged with them bunched up next to you.

I’m not saying write out your phone number and take a picture of it. That could get weird. Grab some wooden letters or those big block ones, paint them, make them all cutesy and have fun with them! Lay them out next you, try to hold all them in your arms, hang them from a tree. It makes it easier for the forgetful family members to remember your graduation date.

Best Friends
This can be your human best friends or your pet best friend. It’s a great way to capture your friendship and to remember your senior year together. Hold hands and skip down the road or jumping on a trampoline. Another favorite is laying on your back, legs in the air with you hair falling off the side of the bed.

This is one you could do with your best friend or alone. Buy some confetti, preferably all different colors for a better effect, take a handful, and blow them out of your hands. It will be Pinterest worthy!

First grade photo
This will probably by your mom’s favorite photo because she probably took your first grade photo. Blow up your first ever school picture, if it isn’t already, hold it in your hands stretched out in front of you. It’s a great way to compare first and last year of school!

College Mascot
If you are pursuing an education at a university that has a mascot, try to get some photos with it! It will get you in the spirit of going to college, if you’re not already excited, and make you the coolest cat around.

I’m not talking about sports. Reading, shopping, movies, baking, running, and more are all great activities to have represented in photos. Get an action shot of you running, pile up some books behind up and lean against them. There’s multiple ways to portray your favorite activities. But of course if you play sports and that’s your hobby then by all means, take a photo.

What are some of your creative senior photo ideas?

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Mason Jar Madness – Get Your Craft On

With fall comes indoor activities a.k.a crafting! Whether you’re into the rustic look or not, mason jars are cute and functional. Here are three easy ways to utilize them while making them look fabulous at the same time.

What you’ll need:
- Mason jar
- Rubber grommet
- Straw
- Electric drill
- Stencil design on your choice
- Paint
- Paint brush
- Modge Podge

Craft on:
- Place the stencil design on the mason jar wherever you’d like
- Paint over the stencil so that the design appears on the jar
- Once the paint is dry, paint a coat of Modge Podge onto the jar so the design doesn’t rub/wash off
- Once the Modge Podge is dry, drill a hole into the lid of the mason jar. Either centered or closer to the edge depending on your preference
- Place the rubber grommet into the hole so that it holds the straw better
- Insert the straw into the hole and voila!

Salt and Pepper Shakers
What you’ll need:
- Two mason jars (preferably the small ones)
- Electric drill
- Salt
- Pepper
- Paint with chalk finish
- S and P letter stencils
- Paintbrush

Craft on:
- Place the letter stencil on the mason jar
- Paint around the P stencil so that the letter appears on the jar unpainted
- Repeat this process with the letter S on the other mason jar
- Let both mason jars completely dry before continuing
- For the pepper shaker, drill five small holes into the lid
- For the salt shaker, drill one small hole into the lid
- Fill both mason jars with respective spice
- If you’re feeling European, switch the salt so it’s in the mason jar with multiple holes and the pepper in the mason jar with one hole

Desk Organizer
What you’ll need:
- Three large mason jars
- Two smaller mason jars
- Hot glue gun

Craft on:
- Hot glue gun and place the three large mason jars next to each other
- Once the glue has dried, hot glue gun and place the two smaller mason jars on top of the three
- Make sure all five mason jars are facing the same direction
- Once all the glue is dried, place the mason jar pyramid on its side and start filling those up with pens, markers, and whatever else you’d like

If you do not think you’ll need that many, try doing a three mason jar pyramid with two large ones and a small on top.

What are some creative ways you reuse your mason jars?


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Embracing Fall Decor When You’re Stuck In Summer

It’s already the middle of September which means it’s time for those bright candles and bamboo chairs to be switched out for fire pits and plush pillows. Here are some great ways to embrace the fall season by drinking pumpkin spice lattes and updating your home decor.

Curtains can be an eye catcher or a way to act like you care what your living room looks like. We go for the eye catcher! Patterned curtains are a fun way to bring extra color to a room and make it more interesting. If you want the classic fall look stick with the oranges, browns, and reds. If you’re wanting a more modern look, go with the slick grays and blacks. Maybe throw in a deep shade of purple.

Xmassy Mantle 99244787 199x300 Embracing Fall Decor When Youre Stuck In Summer Wreaths
Thanks to Pinterest, wreaths are sprouting up like weeds, only pretty, all over homes. A popular one is made of burlap bows and fall leaves. Turn your kitchen into a craft room and make a wreath for your bedroom with sunflowers, twigs and your initial with a wooden letter. If your family is really into football, make one out of your favorite teams’ colors. Nothing says fall like football season!

Walking into a candle shop is usually overwhelming and results in a headache. Avoid that feeling by buying the same scent instead of switching room to room or at least floor to floor. Some favorite fall scents are vanilla, pumpkin, pine cone, and apple spice. If you’re not wanting the clunky candle style, get some bronze and gold candle stick holders for that cozy medieval ages look.

Pumpkins are completely underrated because they’re typically only used during Halloween season instead of all fall long. Make your neighbors jealous by infusing your home with fun pumpkin designs. Hot glue gun some painted numbers onto stacked pumpkins on your front porch to use as your home address. Glitter a bunch of small ones and line the mantel with them to bring a little something more to your chimney.

Autumn Setting iStock 000007358227Large 201x300 Embracing Fall Decor When Youre Stuck In Summer

Leaves and Flowers
Fall’s most recognized change is the color of the trees. So it only makes sense that you would bring those colors into your home with leaves and flowers. Dress up that dinner room table with an arrangement of dried leaves but make it over the top with twigs and long stemmed flowers. If you’re into the pumpkin ideas, try sticking flowers into it. Like a disco ball only with flowers and a pumpkin.



What are some of your favorite fall decorations?

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Update Your Home Decor with Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a great way to liven up a living space. They add
warmth and visual interest to the walls, and help create a homey vibe.
Whether you?ve just moved into a new apartment or house, or you?re
updating the space you?ve called home for years, canvas prints are an
easy and fun way to decorate.

BlueStaircase no badge Update Your Home Decor with Canvas Prints

Incorporating Canvas Prints into Your Home Decor

Redesigning your home decor can be costly, but canvas prints are a cost
effective way to jazz up a living room, bedroom, or even an entryway or
hallway. When you can choose the image on your canvas print, it?s easy
to incorporate prints into any color scheme or aesthetic. Decorating a
kid?s room or play area? Choose bright colors and fun photos featuring
family and friends. Decorating a living room or bedroom with a subdued,
modern twist? Apply sepia or black-and-white filters to your favorite
vacation or landscape shots and turn them into avant garde canvas

Snag Tips from the Experts

If you ever watch home design shows on TV or read design magazines,
you?re probably familiar with terms like ?balance? and ?symmetry.?
Learning from home decor experts is a great place to start when planning
a redesign of your space. With personalized canvas prints, you have the
power to choose the size of your prints, as well as the images on them.
Have a long hallway that needs some brightening up? Consider hanging a
series of same-size prints across the length of the wall. Experiment
with asymmetrical pairings and visual weight. For example, hang a single
large canvas print on the left side of the couch, and two smaller prints
on the right side. The two sides balance out and complement each other.

Involve the Family

For truly personalized home decor, involve the whole family in designing
a personalized canvas print. Does your family have a favorite photo from
a vacation or graduation? Put it on a canvas! Looking through photo
albums or long-forgotten computer photo files together is a fun way to
spend an evening, and will give you tons of ideas for personalizing a
new canvas print. Can?t decide between several well-loved images? Hang
four or five canvas prints in different sizes together as a wall

Kids love to see their artwork on the wall. Making a favorite doodle or
finger painting into a canvas print is a great way to brighten a living
space and preserve a memory for years to come. Personalized canvas
prints can warm up any room and make a house a home.

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How to Create A Deconstructed Gallery Wall

Empty walls leaving you feeling uninspired? Do you live in a rental or
temporary apartment and want more flexibility with taking down and
putting up art? Do you have a collection of small objects you want to
display along with your artwork? Learn how to arrange a creative
deconstructed gallery wall with depth and visual interest by clustering
a collection of canvas prints.

PC SEO BlogImages 03 How to Create A Deconstructed Gallery Wall

Though gallery walls (a number of different-sized artworks, arranged in a cluster) are currently one of the biggest trends in home decor, we think the deconstructed gallery wall is even more compelling. It combines the ease of switching out artwork with a totally unique arrangement that’s both effortless and polished. Here’s how to create your own:

  1. Gather your collection of art pieces. For this project, we’ve used canvas prints because they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be printed with whatever artwork you like (making it easy to conform to your home’s color scheme), and because they add depth to the arrangement.
  2. Find your location. We like using a long, low surface like a credenza or sideboard, though any small side table placed along a wall could work for a smaller arrangement. This way, you don’t have to install anything onto your walls in order to display the pieces. However, you could also install a pre-made picture ledge for a more permanent solution. Make sure there is enough room for all of your items to lean comfortably, with space in front of them.75626928 How to Create A Deconstructed Gallery Wall
  3. Play with different arrangements. While traditional gallery walls only allow you to place one item in each location, one of the great things abut creating a deconstructed gallery wall leaning on a surface is that you can place smaller canvas prints in front of larger ones, adding depth and creating more of a loose, collage-inspired effect. Take a few moments to play with different arrangements, and don’t be afraid to partially obscure larger pieces by letting smaller ones sit slightly in front.
  4. Add personal touches. One of our favorite things about using canvas prints for this purpose is that each stretched canvas creates a small ledge, allowing you to display small objects that wouldn’t be at home on a traditional gallery wall. Try resting small figurines, vintage letter shapes or any other treasured objects on your canvas print. Make sure that the item isn’t too heavy, or it may distort the frame over time. Stick to items that are lightweight and have a flat bottom that will balance easily.

That’s it! Now you have a completely customizable, changeable deconstructed gallery wall that suits your home decor.

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Tips for Decorating Dorm Rooms or Small Spaces

Whether they’re returning to college or on their own for the first time,
collegians can use all the help they can get. Dormitory rooms are
typically cold and sterile, with institution-style furniture and beige
walls. A dorm room doesn’t have to feel like a barren cell, however.
Students can transform their rooms into appealing and efficient spaces
for studying or hanging out if they familiarize themselves with these
design considerations.


Assess the layout and the placement of the furniture. Push desks
together, move dressers into closets and loft beds to maximize space. If
a bed isn’t lofted, push it lengthwise against a wall and add a few
throw pillows to transform it into a couch during the day. Personalize
the room with DIY throw pillows made from photos printed on fabric.


Nothing says cell block more than overhead florescent bulbs. Turn them
off and use desk and floor lamps as space permits. Strategically placed
mirrors enhance window and lamp light without adding fixtures.


142307801 300x201 Tips for Decorating Dorm Rooms or Small SpacesCoordinate with roommates to choose complementary (if not matching)
bedding. Choose fabric and patterns that hide stains well and are easy
to wash. use floor cushions (aka, poufs) to do triple-duty as seats,
ottomans and coffee tables. Personalize dorm furnishings with washi tape
(colored paper tape), which removes without residue.


There’s never enough storage in tiny dorm rooms. Consider bed risers to
create under-bed storage. Stack belongings when possible and take
advantage of home improvement store items, such as hooks, wall-mounted
shelving, baskets, crates and see-through bins. Edge shelves with washi
tape for a personal touch.


Painting dorm walls is normally forbidden with a capital F, so dress up
walls with one or more of the following:

PC FacebookPromo Tree v3 Tips for Decorating Dorm Rooms or Small Spaces

  • Adhesive decals give a room a personal touch in minutes, come off easily and don’t leave a sticky residue behind.
  • Find printable art and create a gallery wall.
  • Put art and photos on gallery-quality canvas by creating of friends, family, pets, favorite vacation destinations, events, etc.
  • Use giant posters or create your own printable wall mural at a co-op center or office supply store that offers large engineer prints
  • Find removable peel-and-stick wallpaper.



Window treatments have a variety of uses. They let light in or out, and
offer a degree of privacy. Creative college students can use them as
closet doors, bed canopies and wall decor.


Warm cold, hard floors with plush area rugs and/or personal DIY versions
using old T-shirts.

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