How to Use Your Instagram Addiction to Create Incredible Home Decor

More people than ever are photographing their lives on a regular basis.
Only five years ago most of us carried pocket cameras or DSLRs for
holiday snaps, portraits, and photos of special occasions. Subsequently,
they would languish on a laptop hard drive never to be seen.

The Smartphone Camera Revolution

These days, most folks are more likely to reach for our cellphones. Long
gone are the days of grainy pix elated camera phones; modern smartphones
can produce images that are more than a match for most point and shoot
cameras, and even some DSLRs. Image processing software and apps such as
VSCO Cam, Snapseed, and Instagram have made it exceptionally easy to
produce photo quality that was previously only possible with extensive
technical knowledge and experience. As a result, it has never been
simpler to create great-looking photos and share them online in an
instant through social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Offline Sharing

There are some pretty cool ways to share photos offline, too. Making
canvas prints of your favorite smartphone shots could transform your
home space into a totally unique mini art gallery – a great way to wow
friends and family alike. An Instagram pic taken on a smartphone with a
10-megapixel camera can look good even on an 18″ canvas. There?s
certainly no need to spend thousands on expensive camera gear to create
impressive results.

From Instagram Pic to Canvas Masterpiece!

Instagram Images1 How to Use Your Instagram Addiction to Create Incredible Home DecorIt is often said that the most important factor for creating a photo is
the person taking it. An artistic eye, good composition, and
understanding of the rule of thirds are fundamentals to good
photography. However, that?s not to say that the equipment doesn?t
matter. These three factors will also play an important role in
determining which Instagram image looks good on canvas:

1. Resolution: For optimum quality, the image should be at least
180 dots per inch (DPI) to provide sufficient resolution for
printing. Smartphones with more megapixels will allow you to create
larger prints.
2. Lighting: Instagram photos taken in good lighting or with a low
ISO setting have less chance of looking grainy on canvas. Photos
taken at night will often come out looking grainy and blurry unless
taken on a flat surface to avoid camera vibration.
3. Sharpness: Sharp images look better on a larger print. This can
be achieved by making sure the subject is in focus and well lit.
Soft and blurry pics look worse when enlarged.
ECP SEO Instagram How to Use Your Instagram Addiction to Create Incredible Home Decor

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Fun Photo Ideas that Capture Your Family’s Style

Great family photographs are elusive creatures. However, gorgeous shots
that capture your troop’s spirit and style don’t have to be so
difficult. With a little planning, some thoughtful styling,
prop assemblage and a patient friend or neighbor to serve as
photographer, you can freeze priceless memories of the ones you love in

1. Reflections

- Kids can sit posed together opposite of the parents, while the
parents pose and hold a mirror that reflects the kids.

2. Silhouettes

- Hang a bed sheet. The family stands behind the sheet with their
backs to the sun. The photographer shoots in front of the sheet.
- Shoot at sunset in an open field or favorite landscape. The
photographer shoots into the sun, with the subjects standing
directly in front of the sun.

3. Props

- Use props pertinent to the family, such as books, bikes or sports
equipment. Shoot the family in action with these props.
- The family sits against a wall in a row. Each member holds a
favorite book open in front of his or her face, revealing the face
from only the eyes up.
- The family stands in front of a large chalkboard on which a message
has been written.
- Incorporate handheld chalkboards with messages into a photo.
- Family members hold record album covers in front of their faces.

4. Backs

- The photographer shoots from behind, with the subjects facing away
from camera, walking toward the ocean, a lake, or pond. This way,
there’s no worries about smiles, squinting, closed eyes, shadows on
faces, grumpy husbands, mud-smeared clothing or toddler meltdowns.
- The family faces away from the camera, walking through a field or
down a lane.

5. Hands

- The family holds hands, making a human chain, playing
follow-the-leader through a field, on a beach or across a street.
- The family holds hands in human-chain silhouette.

6. Feet

- Sometimes feet can be just as expressive as hands. Try focusing on
feet only.
- Shoot a feet-only shot of a child dancing on top of a parent’s or
grandparent’s feet.
- Take a shot of the family’s feet in the background, capturing their
shadows in the foreground.
- The family lies on a white or simple bed cover. The photographer
takes a black and white shot of the bottoms of the family members’

7. Jump

- The family members simply jump into the air in unison.

8. Lie Down

- Lie down in opposing directions or in a circle while looking up.
- Create a scene with sidewalk chalk, incorporating the family in the

The Skate Park Shadows Fun Photo Ideas that Capture Your Familys Style

Display Ideas for Family Photos:

- Make canvas prints
- Create a gallery wall
- Crop one photo into four high-impact wall posters
- Compile a holiday photo album
- Make photo books online
- Print photos on pillows, key fobs, coasters or smartphone cases

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Back To School Photo Contest!

Submit your best Back to School pic and win a FREE canvas print!

Follow the easy steps below to enter.

  1. Upload a school themed photo.
  2. Provide a description of the photo.
  3. Spread the word to family and friends to increase your chances of winning!

Enter our photo contest here or on our Facebook page. The entry with the most votes will receive a free 16″x20″ canvas print!
Enter our photo contest here or on our Facebook page. The entry with the most votes will receive a free 16″x20″ canvas print!

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The New Trends for Canvas Artwork

Melting crayons with a blow dryer on a canvas was quite the?fad a while back and let’s face it, nobody could actually make it look good. But what are some of the new trends going around now? We’ve done that research for you and pulled together some of our favorites!


Anyone who has been on Pinterest in the last five years has probably noticed that quotes have large repins among wedding and fashion pins. That’s because people love being inspired! What better way to do that than by putting some of your favorite quotes or words on a canvas. Here’s?one DIY that we’ve seen the most.

137dc43e759e8b037ae2714db1ea5292 1 200x300 The New Trends for Canvas Artwork

photo credit: Marlee Benefield

What you’ll need:
Paint brush
Staple gun
Letter stickers

  • Pick out a fabric that you like, preferably with a pattern
  • Wrap it around a canvas, make sure to stretch the fabric so that there’s no wrinkles
  • Staple the fabric to the wood on the back side of the canvas
  • Use letter stickers to write our your quote onto the fabric
  • Paint the whole canvas whatever color you’d like
  • Once the paint is dry, remove the stickers and voila!


being geek chic 300x221 The New Trends for Canvas Artwork

photo credit: Being Geek Chic

This social media outlet is blowing up and people want their artistic photos at home now. A cute way to display your photos is to hang them in a frame or make a collage of them to paste onto a piece of wood. There’s plenty of great ideas out there including this one! I would try to explain it but the video does a much better job than what I could.


This one is my personal favorite because you can paint whatever you want and it’ll still turn out cool! Follow these simple steps and channel your inner artist to create this awesome canvas art.

ooh i like that 300x291 The New Trends for Canvas Artwork

photo credit: Ooh I Like That

What you’ll need:
Colored paint (any colors you’d like)
White paint
Paint brush

  • Paint whatever you’d like on the canvas. You can do brush strokes of all different colors, swirls, shapes, anything you want!
  • Let the canvas dry completely before moving on
  • Place the tape on the canvas in a herringbone?pattern leaving a border between the pieces of tape
  • Paint over the gaps between the tape with the white paint and let it dry
  • Once the paint is completely dry, carefully peel away the tape to see your masterpiece!

Home State

Here’s a popular one especially among college students. It’s a great way to remember your best friends who might be going off to a different state. Whether you live in Florida, Michigan, Nevada, or even a different country, you can do this one! This also makes for a great gift.

pure and noble 228x300 The New Trends for Canvas Artwork

photo credit: Pure and Noble

What you’ll need:
Paint (one or two colors based on your preference)
Paint brush
Outline of a state

  • Draw the outline of the state you chose on the canvas
  • Paint everything around the outline a color of your choosing
  • Paint a heart or star wherever the city you live in is

If you want to paint the state a color instead of just leaving it white, follow these same steps but paint the state before painting the heart or star.

Know of any other awesome canvas artwork DIYs? Please share them in the comments section!

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Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back-to-School DIYs

Back to school shopping is creeping up and you want your child to be THAT child with all the cool stuff. Instead of going to the store and buying all those locker organizers, make your own! Don’t want to loose time trying to find your daughter’s bag among all the other Disney Princess bags? Sew up a custom bag or if you’re less crafty, make a cute tag to attach to you so it’s easily seen! Here are some more unique ways to spice up school supplies.

  1. Tired of those boring old No. 2 pencils and pens? Decorate them with washi tape or paint them with a cool design. Everyone will want to borrow them and you’ll always get them back because it’ll be obvious their yours!

    minted 300x200 Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back to School DIYs

    photo credit: Minted

  2. Embrace your inner fashionista and make a book bag from old clothes you no longer wear. It’s a great way to recycle those clothes and start a new trend!

    a beautiful mess 200x300 Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back to School DIYs

    photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

  3. Once you make those awesome customized pens and pencils, you’ll need somewhere fancy to store them in your bag. Check out this DIY to make your own pencil case! There’s even some great ideas for boys.

    jade and fern 300x210 Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back to School DIYs

    photo credit: Jade and Fern

  4. “Omg I love those!” is what all the girls will be saying when your little one pulls these out from her bag. You could even put one of her favorite drawings on it to show off her artwork!

    creme de la craft 300x200 Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back to School DIYs

    photo credit; Creme De La Craft

  5. Lockers aren’t really the easiest things to organized. Most of the time there’s only one shelf and maybe two hooks. Try out this cute tote to hang up so you don’t have to worry about finding a place for all your knick knacks in between classrooms.

    growing up gabel 223x300 Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back to School DIYs

    photo credit: A Jennuine Life

  6. You know you’re going to see an overwhelming amount of Elsa and Ana backpacks on that first day of school. Make it easier on you and your daughter and create an adorable tag to go along with it!

    thirty handmade days 243x300 Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back to School DIYs

    photo credit: Thirty Handmade Days

  7. If you’re sending your baby off to college, build this gem. You could even engrave on it “Call Mom” so they remember to do that every now and then

    instructables 300x225 Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back to School DIYs

    photo credit: Instructables

Here are some cute DIY gifts for teachers. There are plenty more on Pinterest or mommy blogs that will make the?back-to-school gift from?your child more personal and more fun to do! The teacher is bound to remember and that could come in handy with those final grades at the end of the year.

  1. Make it more fun for your teacher to take roll by giving her this cute clipboard! If it’s for the end of the year, slap on the class photo so you’re sure he or she won’t even have the option to forget you.

    place of my taste 198x300 Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back to School DIYs

    photo credit: Place Of My Taste

  2. If you know your teacher’s favorite candy, put it in a light bulb with an inspirational quote about a teacher’s help. Another classic for the end of the year is “I’ll miss you to pieces” card along with some Reese’s Pieces.

    andrea friebus 208x300 Get Your Kids Excited for School With These Back to School DIYs

    photo credit: Lights Camera Action

Don’t forget to get?the children involved!

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Gender-Neutral Nursery Design Ideas for Various Styles

Besides the obvious joys of expecting a child, there’s also the excitement of decorating a nursery. However, if you and your significant other have decided to wait on finding out the gender of your baby, it can be difficult to think of ideas outside the typical green and yellow color box for neutral rooms. There’s also the question of what kind of nursery you’d like. Modern, traditional, eclectic? Since it’s a completely separate room and it will be housing a little person, you can basically do whatever you’d like! Forget what goes along with the rest of the house, make the nursery it’s own little world where your child’s imagination can subconsciously grow.
Here are some ideas to decorate the baby’s room based on modern, traditional, and eclectic nurseries that will inspire you to go all HGTV on it.


3545402898 192ac89463 z 300x200 Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas for Various Styles

photo credit: Rachelle

City people this is for you. Not saying all city folk are into modern decor but let’s face it, if you live in a city, you’re clearly attracted to that style even just little bit. If you live in a more rural area and want to do something other than the stereotypical rustic style then this is for you as well.

Mix and match. Don’t stick with all dark wood furniture or all gold accent features. The key is to find an inspiration piece and build the rest of the room from that. Go thrifting for an old style crib and match a contemporary armchair with it along with a silver and gold wall design.

Feeling like having an all white wood furniture room? Throw in a colorful carpet to brighten up the room and bring personality into it. Mount a piece or art on the wall that will bring out the colors on the floor.

Animal pieces are huge this year. Add an elephant stool or a giraffe chair to the room instead of a giant teddy bear. It adds practicality to an animal feature in a nursery. Make the crib mobile out of stuffed animals so that the baby can still get an idea, early on, for what stuffed animals are but without that fear of it bothering the baby.


4617823612 a6fa4c53c4 z 300x200 Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas for Various Styles

photo credit: Tabitha

If you’re more of an old soul traditional type, this is your area. You probably already have a rocking horse swaying back and forth next to the crib. The swivel rocker and ottoman is sitting in the corner with a matching plush pillow and blanket. Yep, that’s you so you don’t need any guidance. However, if you are someone who typically goes for the white acrylic kitchen table and leather sectionals then you need some help.

Dark wood is your friend. A dark crib with a dark changing table with a dark rocking chair are the perfect setup for a traditional nursery.

When you think of an old school nursery what do you think of? White rug. Well maybe that’s just me but I think a white carpet is the most traditional piece of floor art you could put down.

Paint their name above the crib/changing table or run over to Hobby Lobby to snatch up those wooden letters to decorate. This is probably something you should wait to do till after the baby is born unless you want to dip into the originality pond and do a weird “name/name” art: Elliot/Ana or Luke/Clementine. We’re not judging.


project nursery 199x300 Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas for Various Styles

Photo credit: ntaghe1


The world will soon be taken over by hipsters and you will be completely lost. Skinny jeans or corduroys, fedora or flat cap, how will you survive? I can’t help you there. But these decor ideas can help you with your baby’s hipster nursery. Follow these and even Zooey Deschanel will want to live here.

Thrifting is a must if you want to have an eclectic nursery. Vintage mirrors in different shapes and sizes hung is a gallery style on a wall will make you feel like you’re not even in a child’s room. If mirrors in a nursery freaks you out because you’ve watched too many horror movies then start collecting numbers and letters to hang in their place.

Wallpaper is starting to make come back and there are some beautiful designs out there. If you’re not really into wall decals or artwork, this is a great way to bring life to a room without

decorpad 240x300 Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas for Various Styles

photo credit: Marco Ricca

overcrowding the walls. It’s something you can do in any kind of room so if you want specifically an eclectic feel, you need to choose wisely.

Two words. Bow ties. For some people these never went out of style but for the most part, men just recently started wearing these again. If you want your son to be a heart breaker then start him early on this trend, as in when he comes home from the hospital. Hang some bow ties in a shadow box or find a template to paint them on a wall. I realize this isn’t gender neutral but you could do the same for a baby girl’s room with bows! Combine the bow ties and the bows and voila! a gender neutral room.

Here are some quick and easy ideas that will fit in any nursery!

IMG 0016 1024x682 Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas for Various Styles

photo credit: rebeccamcevay

  • Chalk paint a wall or frames for friends and family to leave notes on.
  • Pictures or quotes on canvases to make a gallery wall.
  • Monogram. Monogram everything in that room.
  • Glow in the dark stars stuck to the ceiling for a starry night.
  • Paint a design on your boring changing table.
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10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

Summer is in full swing outside but your house is still stuck in winter. The living room curtains are dark and heavy, the bathroom wall colors are ominous, and you can’t even go into your guest bedroom without feeling gloomy. Sometimes all you need is a quick fix to brighten up a room and it’ll turn that frown upside down! Here are some easy ways to switch up the decor without having to spend a lot of money or time.

  1. Instead of an end table, take on a DIY project and refurbish a bar cart

    the glitter guide 200x300 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: the glitter guide

  2. Add some bright throw pillows to your couch

    cherished bliss 196x300 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: cherished bliss

  3. Switch out the solid, opaque curtains for linen ones with a fun design

    west elm 300x300 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: west elm

  4. Mirrors always make a room appear to be more spacious but they also help with brightening up a room. Go thrifting and find some mismatch ones to give off an eclectic feel

    the good life 222x300 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: the good life

  5. Feeling whimsical? Hang some globe string lights over your balcony for a romantic ambiance

    the haystack needle 225x300 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: the haystack needle

  6. Embrace the neon!

    oliver bonas 300x275 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: oliver bonas

  7. “Easy as changing a light bulb”, try “easy as changing a lamp”. Adorn your bedside table with a beachy lamp

    info barrel 200x300 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: info barrel

  8. We all know plants make the air in a home purer but did you know they make you happier too? Paint those boring clay plant pots you have to add some fun to a table

    arty mcgoo 300x199 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: arty mcgoo

  9. Bamboo placemats are a must if you love beachin’

    apartment therapy 300x261 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: apartment therapy

  10. Yellow increases metabolism and gives you energy therefore it’s only logical you should paint your whole house that color but ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, opt for an accent wall in your kitchen
    apartment therapy kitchen 200x300 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

    photo credit: apartment therapy

    Are you excited to redecorate now?

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Decorate your wedding!

Planning a wedding can be stressful at times (basically the whole time) and sometimes you just can’t think of any cutesy ideas to make your special day yours. No worries! We are here to make your life a little easier by giving you a little inspiration.

1. If you’re going for a rustic look, print engagement photos or photos of you two together on pieces of wood and use as part of your center piece.

brightnest 300x300 Decorate your wedding!

photo credit to brightnest

2. Everyone has that friend who can still write in cursive, hire them to write your menu out on a framed chalkboard in exchange for a date with the hunky groomsman.

mollie meeks 200x300 Decorate your wedding!

photo credit to mollie meeks

3. Print or paint a naked tree on a canvas and have your guests sign in with their fingerprint.

big furry cat uk 300x200 Decorate your wedding!

photo credit to big fury cat

4. Block numbers for tables are great but glittered block numbers are even better.

confetti day dreams 200x300 Decorate your wedding!

photo credit to confetti day dreams

5. “Pick a seat not a side” is classic for weddings and classy for canvasses.

emmaline bride 224x300 Decorate your wedding!

photo credit to emmaline bride

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Pets On Canvas!

Fotor0717110452 300x300 Pets On Canvas! Most people who have pets adore them. Dogs and cats among others are an integral part of the family and sometimes even treated as a second or third child. Here are some tips for you to photograph your pets in a professional way and have some great photos of your four legged family member.

1. Natural light is key. Everyone, humans and animals included, looks better under the sun. In addition, pets typically don’t like camera flashes so working outside will keep your animal calm. The flash also gives animals green eye, just like humans get red eye.

2. Put your camera at your pet’s eye level. Us humans look better at eye level and same goes for animals. A good way to do this is getting on the ground or propping your pet up on a chair or table. Dogs always look adorable when they’re cozied up on a sofa.

3. Let your pet get used to the camera. Most animals aren’t accustomed to being in front of a camera and they won’t understand why you’re coming at them with it.

4. When deciding on a time to do your photo shoot, observe your pets daily routine. For instance, if your cat is calmer in the morning, take photos at that time because it is less likely to be agitated. However, if your dog gets extremely excited when the kids come home from school then maybe take your photos before.

5. Take lots of photos. Using a continuous photo setting is a great way to get the perfect action shot of your dog running and it’s little (or big) ears flopping in the wind.

6. Be patient. You can’t control or give directions to animals as you can with humans. Understanding that your cat doesn’t know what you mean when you say “make love to the camera” is key.

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Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Summer is in full swing and we have seen some great canvas creations from your family vacations! We created some more ideas for turning your vacation memories into a canvas masterpiece.

Photograph Sunsets! Summer brings some of the most beautiful sunsets, which in turn make amazing canvas prints. On the beach? adjust the exposure of your camera to really capture the colors accurately.

sunset 300x200 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Utilize Shadows! A shadow in a person’s face can ruin a picture, but shadows used correctly can add a fun dimension to your vacation canvas print.

Family Silhouette 86520167 300x200 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Stop to Smell the Roses! Flowers are in full bloom, so why not incorporate them into your family photos. This will give your canvas prints a seasonal flair.

2495561 Veer GirlRunninginGrass Med 300x276 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Let Your Kids Go Wild! Often our photos seem staged and generic. Showcase each person’s unique personality by capturing natural moments.

FunBeach57599203 300x201 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Use Filters! Did a picture not turn out as artsy as you would have hoped? Use some great filters to add dimension to your image.

57442202 300x196 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

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