Golden DIYs For A Golden Year

iStock 000052552832Small Golden DIYs For A Golden YearForget the boring colors and bring back the gold! What better way to celebrate 2015 than by incorporating gold into everything? Well maybe not everything, but at least something in each room of your home.

Gold Dipped Candle Wood Holder
- Wood carver
- Tea candle
- Gold paint
- Bowl
- Log (small enough to sit on a table)
- Wax paper

DIY on:
Given the materials, this might seem difficult but in reality it’s extremely easy. Simply carve out a hole big enough for the tea candle to sit down into the log.?Next, you’ll want to pour the gold paint into the bowl so that you can dip the bottom of the log into it.?The amount of gold paint you pour corresponds to how high you want the paint to go on the log. Once you’ve dipped the log, hover it above the bowl to allow for the excess to drip off then flip it over and set on the wax paper so that it can dry. You may accelerate the drying process by blow drying the paint if you’d like. Regardless, when the paint has completely dried, flip the log back so that it’s standing up right and place the tea candle into the hole.

Gold Lamp Shade
- Black circular fabric lamp shade
- Gold spray paint
- Gold glitter

DIY on:
This one will be a little tricky because you need to cover the outer black part of the lamp shade so it doesn’t get any gold on it. You can do this by tapping wax paper to the outside of it or by free handing it and hoping it doesn’t get any paint on it. You may also buy a white lamp shade and simply spray paint the outer part black once you’ve finished the gold. Either way, you need to spray paint the inside of the lamp shade and quickly glitter it before the paint dries. When you place the finished product on the base and turn the light on, the light will catch the glitter and make it glisten.

Gold Dotted Canvas
- Big gold confetti
- White canvas
- Glue gun

DIY on:
Simply glue gun each gold confetti to the canvas in a trickle down effect. Meaning, glue a lot of confetti to the top of the canvas and as you make your way down, disperse them more and more. You can also make a simply polka doted canvas for a more elegant look.

Share with us your brilliantly gold ideas!

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Boheminize Your Home

image 1024x1024 Boheminize Your Home Most people go through phases in their life and during those phases their homes typically go through the same phases. Well here is your opportunity to make your bohemian home phase come to life! We have collected some bohemian inspired DIYs that will allow you to transform your home into the boho style it should be.Remember, for a true bohemian style use soft lights, fabric, and lots of beads, feathers, and flowers.

Boho Candle
- Any kind of jar that will fit a candle
- Jewel colored paint
- Paint brush
- Gold paint pen

Boho on:
Paint the entire jar whatever jewel tone you decided on. Once it’s dry, simple use the gold paint pen to design a boho motif around the top and bottom of the jar. You want to leave the middle section empty with just the paint so that you can still see the candle light.

Hanging Lightbulb Vase
- Standard lightbulb
- Twine
- Sturdy twigs
- Water
- Little flower
- Exacto knife
- Glue gun

Boho on:
Clear out the entire light bulb so that it’s empty inside. Cut out the bottom of the metal end so that it has an opening. Use the twine to attach the twigs together in the form of a baby mobile. Glue gun the twigs together where they intersect. Again use the twine to hang the light bulb from the twigs at various heights. Pour some water into the light bulb and place the flowers in them as well.

Light Fixture
- Clear glass bottles with cap
- Multiple jewel colored paints
- Paint brush
- Twine
- Exacto knife
- Metal rod circle

Boho on:
Paint each glass bottle a different jewel color and let dry. Use the exacto knife to pierce a hole through the cap of the bottle and string the twine through, forming a knot on the other side. Once the bottles have dried, twist the caps back on with the knot being on the inside of the bottle, and hang them from the metal circle rod. You can either hang them at various heights or all at the exact same height. You need to attach it to the ceiling?in a way that allows the lightbulb you already have to hang down in the middle of the bottles.

There are a few simple things you can do to transform your home into boho heaven without putting a lot of work into a DIY. For example, you can switch your drawer and door handles for ones of various shapes and colors. You can also drape shear fabrics across your ceilings and overlap rugs on your floor.

How have you transformed your home into a boho living space?

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Embrace the New Year By Embracing These DIYs

iStock 000053486490Small Embrace the New Year By Embracing These DIYsWelcome to the new year! It’s officially 2015 and you’ve probably made some resolutions. Those are always difficult to uphold even if it’s telling yourself you will make your bed every morning. There are ways to organize yourself and make things easier for you to remember. Try any of these hacks/DIYs to make your resolution come true and have a successful new year.

Framed Resolutions
Buy a frame and either put a picture that represents your resolution or a piece of colored paper to write down your resolution. This will allow you to actually visualize your resolution/end goal therefore help you stick with it longer.

Sticky Notes
Put sticky notes with your resolution on it everywhere. In your kitchen, in your bathroom, car, at work. Once again, you will be able to visualize your goal therefore attain it but it will be everywhere instead of just your nightstand.

Goal Calendar
Grab a blackboard, cork board , or poster board. Whatever you would prefer to put your sticky notes on. You want to make a calendar that outlines your goals, when you need to meet them, and how. For instance, if your resolution is to eat less candy and you know you can’t go cold turkey, simply make a calendar outline each week in the year or each month of the amount of candy you’ll allow yourself.

Canvas Resolution
If your New Year’s resolution is to be more mindful, more positive, or more anything, look up what colors represents those words and paint them on a canvas along with the word. You will begin to associate the word with the color therefore anytime you see that color you will be reminded of your resolution.

Mug Creation
This one is great if your New Year’s resolution is to drink less coffee/more tea, try a resolution mug! This is exactly like the mugs we’ve given directions for in the past. Buy a blank white mug, sharpie on your resolution, and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. You will hesitate each time you make a cup of coffee because you know that mug is starring right at you.

How do you keep you uphold your resolutions?

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Decorate Your New Year’s Eve Party With DIYs

50862444 thumbnail 1024x1024 Decorate Your New Years Eve Party With DIYsNew Year’s Eve is just around the corner and it’s time to start decorating. No better way to do that than by DIYing the whole decor! Here are the best New Year’s Eve DIYs around along with instructions.

Tassel Garland
- Twine
- Tissue paper (various colors)
- Glue gun
- Scissors

DIY on:
Fold each piece of tissue paper once lengthwise, twice widthwise in that order. Cut the tissue paper into little strips, leaving two inches at the top so they stay all attached. Unfold the tissue paper and cut lengthwise. Unfold the tissue paper, it should have a center uncut piece of four inches with strips on either ends. Twist the uncut part all the way till it hits the strips and form a loop. Then glue gun the twist loop together and string the twine through the loop. Do this with multiple tissue papers and voila!

Confetti Balloons
- See through balloons
- Funnel
- Confetti
- String

DIY on:
Simply funnel the confetti into the balloon and blow it up so that it’s nice and round. Once it’s reached a comfortable level, tie it off with the string. Hang the balloons from the ceiling. If you’re feeling more adventurous, use helium to blow up the balloons. This will make the confetti move around within the balloon instead of just sitting there. Another way to have confetti without the balloons is by taping giant ones to the wall as a fun backdrop for photos.

Cone Ornaments
- Paper
- Scissors
- Glue
- Metallic strips
- String

DIY on:
Form a cone with the paper and glue it shut. Glue a loop at the peak with the string so you have something to hang it by. Cut little strips into the metallic strips leaving just enough at the top for you to glue. Once you’ve cut all the strips, glue them one on top of the other on the cone so that it covers each facade. Feel free to use different colors to switch up the stripes or the cones.

Sparkling Numbers
- Gold tinsel
- Glue gun
- Giant cardboard numbers (2015)

DIY on:
Simply wrap the tinsel around the cardboard numbers and glue gun it to them. You’ll probably need to use a lot of tinsel if you’re not able to find one long roll of it.

How will you decorate for New Year’s Eve?

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How To Enjoy Your Christmas With Your Family

iStock 000011085198Small How To Enjoy Your Christmas With Your Family Christmas is a time for giving and receiving as well as spending time together. Sometimes it can be difficult finding activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. We’ve made it easier for you and put together a Christmas activity list as well as some fun DIYs to do as a family.

Activities to do as a family:
- Ice skating
- Soup kitchen volunteering
- 5k run/walk
- Christmas cookie baking and decorating
- Go to an old movie theatre where they show old movies
- Put together a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child
- Crafts/DIY projects such as the following

Crafts/DIYs to do as a family:
- Stuffed animal replacement: if your children have gotten new stuffed animals for Christmas, there may not be enough room for their old ones. A good way to preserve the memory of their favorite toys is by spray painting the front of the stuffed animal and pressing it down onto a canvas. Choose opposing colors of spray paint and canvas so that it shows up well.

- Family date night: grab some popsicle sticks and a mason jar. Have each person write down a couple of family date night ideas they would like to have throughout the year. It can be anything from a movie night to craft night to reading a book together.

- Canvas family portrait: sometimes there needs to be a new decor item in the house. There’s no better way to fill an empty wall than by putting up a family portrait. Have each person in your family draw themselves on a canvas and have your most artistic family member draw a replica of your house.

- T-shirt quilt: have each one of your family members pick our three or four t-shirts that they don’t want or don’t wear anymore and make a quilt together. You can pick out several different fabrics to fill in the various empty squares as well as a patterned fabric that represents your family to go around the edge. If you would like to get really creative, have your family photo printed out on a piece of fabric and place that in the center of the quilt.

What are some activities you do with your family on Christmas day?



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Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

iStock 000018297000Small Last Minute Stocking StuffersChristmas is just around the corner so it’s time to start putting together those last-minute Christmas stocking stuffers. We have rounded up multiple DIYs for you to try out this holiday season on your last few days before the gift giving begins. Follow these easy directions and your family will enjoy the perfect stocking stuffer they didn’t know they were missing.

Pumpkin Spice Lip Gloss
- 2 tbps of petroleum jelly
- 1/4 tsp of pumpkin spice mix
- Pinch of cinnamon
- Lip gloss container

DIY on:
Melt the petroleum jelly in a container in the microwave into completely liquid. Once liquified, add the pumpkin spice mix and the cinnamon and stir well. Pour the mixture into the lip gloss container and refrigerate for 20 minutes so that it hardens correctly.

Snow Globe
- Jar with lid
- Water
- Glitter
- Figurine (whatever you want that will fit inside the jar)
- Water resistant glue

DIY on:
Put some of the water resistant glue onto the lid of the jar where you will place the figurine. Apply the glue to the bottom of the figurine as well and glue the bottom of the lid and the figurine together. Pour however much glitter you want into the jar and fill the jar with water. Once you’re ready to put the lid on the jar, apply the water resistant glue around the edge of the lid then twist the lid onto the jar. By applying glue on the edges, you’re making sure no water will leak from the lid. Once you are satisfied with the tightness of the lid, flip the jar over so that it is standing up right from the lid.

Image Magnets
- Marbles with flat bottom
- Images (anything you want)
- Glue
- Scissors
- Magnets
- Pencil

DIY on:
Place the marble onto the image and trace around the marble. Cut out the shape of the image and glue it face up, to the bottom of the marble. By having the image under the marble, it will magnify the image. Then glue the magnet to the bottom of the image. Some great images would be animals, words, family portraits.

What are some stocking stuffers you’ve made for your family?

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Finger Foods For Your Christmas Eve Party

iStock 000013993617Small Finger Foods For Your Christmas Eve Party Cooking for a lot of people can be stressful especially if you’re cooking a full meal. To make things easier on yourself and your kitchen, prepare a multitude of finger foods for your Christmas Eve Party. Nothing screams party more than hors d’oeuvres.

Pea Crostini (serves 30)
Credit: Health
- 1 1/2 cups thawed frozen peas
- 2 tbsps extra-virgin olive oil
- dash of salt
- dash of pepper
- 8 oz goat cheese
- 1 radish
- 30 crostini

Cook on:
Combine the peas, olive oil, and salt and pepper in a food processor. Blend until?a rough puree forms. Spread the goat cheese on each crostini. Top each one with a spoonful of the pea puree and a slice of radish. Serve cold.

Caprese Skewer (serves however many you make)
Credit: Health
- cherry tomatoes
- arugula
- mini mozzarella balls
- skewers
- balsamic vinaigrette
- cookie sheet

Cook on:
Simply make a skewer in the following order: one cherry tomato, two arugula leaves, a mini mozzarella ball, two arugula leaves. Once you have made enough to cover the cookie sheet, place them on it and drizzle the balsamic vinaigrette over the skewers. Serve cold.

Crab and Avocado Toast (serves 32)
Credit: Gerard Craft
- 2 tbsps of extra-virgin olive oil
- 2 avocados
- 8 slices of bread
- dash of salt
- dash of pepper
- 4 oz of crab meat
- 2 tsps of lime juice
- baking sheet

Cook on:
Preheat the over to 350 degrees. With a biscuit cutter, stamp out four rounds from each slice of bread and put them on the baking sheet. Lightly brush them with olive oil and toast for 15 minutes in the oven.
In a small bowl, mash up the avocados, add a dash of salt and pepper. Place the crab meat in another small bowl and stir in the lime juice, season with salt. Once the toasts are finished, spread the avocado mix on top of them and add the crab mixture after. Serve warm.

Bacon-wrapped Apricots (serves 24)
Credit: Real Simple
- 24 fresh sage leaves
- 24 large dried apricots
- 8 slices of bacon
- 2 tbsps of pure maple syrup
- 24 toothpicks
- Baking sheet

Cook on:
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut the bacon slices into thirds. Place a sage leaf on each apricot and wrap it with the bacon slice. Bake until the bacon is beginning to crisp, turn it over and wait for that side to crisp. Approximately 6 to 8 minutes per side. Remove from over and brush with the maple syrup. Stab each one with a toothpick. Serve warm.

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Bring The Winter Weather Inside Your Home With DIYs

iStock 000029173278Small Bring The Winter Weather Inside Your Home With DIYsWinter can be a cold and dreary season. However, you can turn that negative thought into a positive one by inviting the winter season inside your home! Of course I don’t meant the actual weather, I’m talking about the beauty of snow and all things wintery. Here are some winter DIYs that are easy, creative, and will keep till next year!

Winter Village Trapped in a Jar
- Glass jar with lid
- Epsom salts (for the snow)
- Ceramic people, houses, village buildings etc.
- Spray paint (green, silver, gold)
- Fake mini Christmas trees (two or three)

The size of your glass jar really depends on how big you want your winter village to be or how many items you want to put inside of it. A gallon to two gallon jar is probably sufficient. Spray paint your Christmas trees the various colors you have. If you want your village to look more realistic then go ahead and make them all green. Pour a thick layer of Epsom salt in the bottom of your jar and arrange your mini people, houses, and trees inside the jar however you’d like. Once you’ve ?reached a level of satisfaction, sprinkle some more Epsom salt on the trees and village so that it appears to have just snowed.

Winter Pine Cones
- Two or three pine cones of various sizes
- Paint brush
- Silver paint
- Glass, round vase
- Glass, clear marbles
- Plastic snowflakes
- Mistletoe

Craft on:
Place your marbles into the vase, make sure to not dump them or they could chip the vase. Paint the tips of the pine cones silver as well as the entire snowflake. Once they have dried, arrange them on top of the marbles for a pretty display and add the mistletoe in there as well. You can make several of these, of various sizes, and arrange them on your mantel!

Winter Candle Holder
- Mason jar
- Silver spray paint
- Thick painters tape
- Scissors
- Twine
- Mistletoe

Craft on:
If you would like a silver candle holder with see through snowflakes or a see through candle holder with silver snowflakes is up to you. Cut the painters tape accordingly. Once you’ve decided on a style and done the proper cutting, place the tape on the mason jar and spray paint it silver. Once it’s dry, wrap some twine around the top of the jar and tie it in a bow while slipping the mistletoe in there.

How do you decorate your home for winter?

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DIY Your Way Into Your Daughter’s Heart

iStock 000045641344Small DIY Your Way Into Your Daughters Heart It can be difficult finding a gift your teenage daughter will like because teenage girls are generally picky, about everything. But no worries! We have put together these DIYs that your daughter will find adorable and useful.

Twisted Headband
- Sewing machime
- Scissors
- Thread
- Stretchy fabric (color/pattern of choice)

Craft on:
Cut two 6″ by 22″ pieces of fabric. Fold each piece of fabric the long way and sew them shut so the pattern is continuous. Lay the long strips diagonally across each other to form an X then fold one side over the other. Do the same with the other side. Stack all four ends on top of each other and sew them together with one straight line. If you think your daughter will really enjoy these, get crafty and make them with different colors and patterns.

No-Sew Plaid Scarf
- 2.5 yards of flannel fabric
- Scissors

Craft on:
This one is even easier than the last one. Simply cut the edges of the fabric, using the plaid pattern as a guide. This is allow you to fray the edges. Once you’re done cutting, gently pull any threads sticking out on the edges and this will give you that frayed edge that can be so expensive in stores.

Word Pendant
- Gold wire
- Paper and pen
- Two pairs of pliers
- Wire cutters
- Gold chain

Craft on:
Write out whatever word you’d like onto the piece of paper. Some popular ones are “make”, “love”, “believe”, or you can write your daughter’s name. This will allow you to shape the wire with a model instead of in thin air. Use one pair of pliers to hold the end of the wire down and the other to shape the wire into the word. Before you shape the word, make a little loop with the wire so you can attach a chain. Do the same once you’ve finished the word. Once you’re done, cut the wire and attach the chain to the loops. Of course you can do all this with silver wire and chain if that’s what your daughter would prefer.

Share with us some DIYs you’ve done for your daughter.

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Decorate Your Tree With DIY Ornaments

iStock 000046970396Small Decorate Your Tree With DIY OrnamentsYou can’t have Christmas without a Christmas tree and you can’t have a Christmas tree without DIY ornaments. We’ve found some great ways to dangle your skills in front of everyone with these easy and fun DIYs.

Twine Ball
- Twine
- Balloon
- Modge Podge
- Gold string

Craft on:
Blow up the balloon to whatever size you’d like the ornament to be and tie it shut. Wrap the twine around the balloon leaving open spaces to give it that see through effect. Modge Podge the entire twine/balloon ball and let it fully dry. Once it’s ready, pop the balloon and pull it out from the twine ball then attach some gold string to it so it can have something to hang from the tree with. Feel free to make multiple different kinds with colored twine, or glittery Modge Podge.

Scrap Ribbon Tree
- Small stick
- Various scraps of green ribbon
- Thin twine
- Glue gun

Craft on:
To make this a crafty ribbon tree, select green patterned ribbon, solid ribbon of various shades of green. It will make it more interesting to look at if each section is a different ribbon. Simply tie the ribbon to the stick in a tree shape. Leave equal amounts of ribbon on either sides of the stick and make the ribbon larger as you go down the stick. Once you’ve finished, glue some twine in a loop to the top of stick so that it forms an tree attachment.

Candy Cane Ball
- Styrofoam ball
- Red and white striped fabric
- White ribbon
- Mistletoe

Craft on:
Place the styrofoam ball in the middle of the fabric and cover it with the fabric, leaving a gathered end at the top of the ball. Tie the fabric with the white ribbon, into a bow and leave enough hanging out to make a loop for the tree attachment. Stick the stem of the mistletoe through the bow and leave the leaf part hanging out above. Now you’ve got an excuse to steal that mistletoe kiss!

Glittered Snowflake
- Glue gun
- Wax paper
- Silver glitter
- Silver string

Craft on:
Lay out enough wax paper so that you don’t get any glue on the table. Shape the silver string into a loop and began your snowflake from the ends of the string. Simply glue gun the shape of a snowflake onto the wax paper. Sprinkle glitter onto it before it dries then allow it time to harden. Once the glue is cooled off and solid, remove it from the wax paper and hang it up!

What’s your favorite Christmas ornament to DIY?

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