12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad Smile

ThinkstockPhotos 515779948 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad Smile

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re wracking your brain to think of the perfect gift, why not create some original wall art? You don’t need to be handy with charcoals or paints to get the job done. All you need is a decent camera – your smartphone counts! – and a little creativity to make personalized gifts for dad.

Just snap an original photo and have it printed on high-quality canvas for an heirloom-quality gift for all the fathers in your life (don’t forget grandpa, friends who are new dads, and that incredible single mom who coaches Little League!).

Not sure what sort of photo you should take for this project? Here are 12 great ideas that are sure to please fathers of all ages and interests:


1. Classic Portraits

ThinkstockPhotos 160372013 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad SmileYou’ll never go wrong with a great close-up of your kids, especially if they’re in the oh-so-cute baby and toddler phase. If a group shot seems daunting, a series of canvases of individual portraits works just as well, especially if they have a unifying background or color scheme.


2. Love Letters

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Have your kids create a handmade sign saying how much they love Dad and snap a photo of them holding it. You can make each word on a different sign so everyone has something to hold, or you can have them share. If you’re having trouble getting everyone in the photo, consider an artistic shot that shows little hands holding the sign instead of worrying about faces and bodies.


3. Shadow Puppets

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If your kids aren’t cooperating with smiles during your photo session, be flexible. You can create some artsy photos of them making shadow hearts with their hands on the sidewalk, or just take a photo of the shadows of their bodies instead.


4. Sign Language

ThinkstockPhotos 89839890 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad SmileTeach your children to say “I love you” in sign language, then snap three different photos of them making each sign. Print each photo on a separate canvas and make sure these get hung up in order to spell out the message. For just one canvas, use the combined “I love you” sign, which is displayed in one motion.


5. Lego Land

ThinkstockPhotos 538780331 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad Smile

Got creative kiddos? Let them build a scene of some of Dad’s favorite things out of Legos (a Lego man mowing the lawn or cheering on a favorite sports team, perhaps?). Take a photo of the scene nice and close, and you’ll have a very fun work of art to display later.


6. Throwback Decor

ThinkstockPhotos 517602974 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad Smile

You don’t have to take a new snapshot! Find a favorite old photo (Dad with his first car or moving into that freshman dorm room) and enlarge it on canvas to commemorate his youth.


7. Recreate a Moment

ThinkstockPhotos 487300310 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad SmileTake a throwback photo one step further by having your kids recreate the shot. For example, if you have a favorite photo of dad and his sisters, have your kids stand in similar outfits and poses to update the photo. This works especially well to make a set of old-meets-new canvas prints.


8. Dad’s Dad

ThinkstockPhotos 135384606 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad SmileMake Father’s Day doubly special by giving Dad a photo of his own father. If you have a great picture of the two of them together, you can make two canvases and give matching gifts to both Dad and Grandpa this Father’s Day.


9. Landscapes of Love?

ThinkstockPhotos 456864229 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad Smile

Help Dad brighten his office with a work of art that reminds him of his favorite place in the world. An existing photo of a vacation spot will work well, or you can take some artistic photos of your own backyard. Even close-ups of lush blades of grass in the lawn can be a welcome object to gaze at during the work day.


10. Wall of Fame

ThinkstockPhotos 57571490 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad SmileDo you have a bunch of photos with sports heroes or of Dad shaking hands with people he admires? These can make an inspiring gift and a great conversation piece for your walls.


11. Objects of Desire

ThinkstockPhotos 525956250 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad Smile

If the wonderful father in your life has a passion for a certain hobby, you can take photos of the equipment he uses for an artistic canvas. For example, try taking close-ups of glossy guitars, the stitching in a baseball, or of his woodworking tool at interesting angles. You can also take a series of photos of the same object at different angles for a wall-worthy set of pictures to hang.


12. Portrait Promise

ThinkstockPhotos 4794089861 12 Father's Day Picture Ideas to Make Dad SmileIf you have your heart set on a full family portrait with everyone in it, schedule a photo session and give an I.O.U. on the big day. It’s okay to wait to get it just right!


Once you snap – or dig up – the perfect photo, enlarge it and have it printed on canvas for a lasting work of art. We’re running 75% off canvas plus free shipping just for the occasion! These make perfect Father’s Day gifts and will provide a lifetime of enjoyment to remind Dad how much you love him.


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