7 Mother’s Day Canvas Ideas for the Perfect Gift

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With Mother’s Day on the horizon, are you looking for a unique gift that will beat out last year’s fresh flower delivery? How about something that will last longer than those buds?

Turn it all around by honoring the women in your life with a personalized Mother’s Day gift. This year, Mother’s Day is all about the canvas and what you put on it. And if one of these seven ideas sparks your interest, act quickly! We’re offering 80% off + free shipping to our blog readers through April 28th (get started here).

1. The Nursery Series
Moms with infants and toddlers will love this photo display depicting baby’s life from conception to now. Start with a canvas print of the baby bump and end with a fun picture from the last birthday party or family event. Fill the wall space in between with canvas images of the first newborn picture, first time sitting up, or any other special moment that is sure to make mom (or even grandma!) smile.

2. The Family Wall Display
There is no limit to how much this group will grow, but you can get it going with a few well-placed Mother’s Day photo gifts. Start with a larger image of the whole family together. Next, begin filling the space underneath with pictures of people in the family photo. They can be single shots, well-meaning selfies, or just the kids on their own being goofy.

Over time, say once every Mother’s Day, you can add another picture to create a canvas timeline for her family that will go on for generations.

3. The Photo Collage
Who says you have to fill a canvas with just one photo? Sort through all the pictures you’ve taken over the years and make a collage gift on canvas. It might be a remembrance of someone special that is gone or a celebration that has real meaning for her. How about a collage showing a child from birth to graduation? Play around with the layout until you find something that works.

Use digital images with editing software to create your collage. Or, cut out printed photos, lay them down on a colorful background, and take a picture of the grouping.

4. Make Some Art
There is no rule that says Mother’s Day canvas ideas have to be about family photos. You can use this opportunity to let the photographer in you shine. Go out and explore your city to snap some photos, or create an interesting still life grouping.

You can even assemble small objects like buttons or coins into a heart, or your mom’s initials, and take a picture. Children’s artwork can be an especially fun addition to mom’s walls; just scan their latest creation to make a personal canvas print.

5. Put It Into Words
Maybe art is not really your thing, so use your words instead. Create an image that speaks to her with a favorite quote or a word cloud. Get creative by rotating the sentences to create an abstract piece of canvas art using nothing but text.

How about one letter per canvas to spell out your mom’s name, or a sign that says something eclectic like “Mangia!” for the kitchen?

6. Recreate the Family Vacation
Remember that really great vacation you all took as a family? Maybe it was that time you all went to the Grand Canyon, or to Disneyland. Find an image that will stir that memory, and put it on canvas to enjoy again and again.

You can take it one step further and make a whole series of photos. Order a large canvas print of the family in front of the hotel you stayed in, and then surround it with smaller images that tell a story about the trip. Every time she looks at that grouping of pictures, she will be reminded of that one amazing vacation.

7. Make a Memory…Again
Up the nostalgia factor with a Mother’s Day photo gift that reminds mom of a magical moment from her past. It might be a picture of her parents on their wedding day, or the day she graduated college. Take (or find) a picture of her childhood home, or of her closest friends. The goal here is to choose a photo that will make her smile and sigh every time she walks past it!

The beauty of working with canvas is flexibility. This Mother’s Day, use your imagination to create canvas gifts that mom will love. We’re offering 80% + free shipping just for the occasion, get started here and let us know what she thinks!

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