8 Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Remember the radiant smile and leaky eyes a homemade Mother’s Day gift evoked when you were young and inspired by love? A woman can only receive so many cookbooks, mixed spring bouquets, and eau de toilette sprays in her life and still feign gracious astonishment. Chances are good that the maternal figure in your life will still find great delight in a handmade gift from you.

So step outside the retail box this year, and channel your still-alive-and-kicking creative and adoring inner child into these eight handcrafted and very personalized Mother’s Day gifts.

1) DIY Pallet Wood Sign Map with Hearts

WoodenSign1 8 Personalized Mothers Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Image Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous, craftaholicsanonymous.com

This is the perfect personalized Mother’s Day gift idea sure to bring many a tear to the woman whose children are spread out across the United States.

All you need is a pre-made pallet wood sign, stain, white craft paint, red felt, a USA stencil, and your glue gun to provide Mom with a 24/7 visual reminder of how many people all across the country are “hearting” her every day. Bonus: The sign is easy to ship! Travel on over to Craftaholics Anonymous for the step-by-step tutorial.

2) Monogram a Pillow

Monogram Pillow 8 Personalized Mothers Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Image Credit: House on the Way, houseontheway.com

There’s a stately elegance and gracious charm to a monogrammed item that appeals to the Southern Belle in (almost) every woman. If the mother in your life “identifies” with that archetype, she’ll flip for this stencil-on-burlap monogrammed pillow.

Grab a bottle of fabric paint in the bold color of your choice, adhesive stencils, and some fabulous fabric. Monogram-loving Leslie has all the info you need to give Mom a serious case of the vapors over at House on the Way.

3) Kindness Love Note Puzzles for Kids

Love Note Puzzle 8 Personalized Mothers Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Image Credit: Toddler Approved, toddlerapproved.com

Scissors, crayons, construction paper, and envelopes are all you need to share this heartwarming project with your young ones. Write sweet notes of affection on paper in the shape of your choice, cut them into pieces, stuff them into an envelope, and seal with a kiss. Everyone sits down on Mother’s Day morning and puts the pieces of their kind words back together.

One of the more simple homemade gift ideas for Mother’s Day, but it has the potential to smooth ruffled feathers between siblings. The activity can also be a fun community-building exercise at a child’s party or in a classroom to fire up team spirit and encourage compassionate self-expression. Toddler Approved has the darling action photos and tutorial.

4) Mother’s Day Tribute Shadow Box

Tribute Box 8 Personalized Mothers Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Image Credit: Crafts Unleashed, blog.consumercrafts.com

Want to memorialize a deceased family member or pay loving homage to a very special still-living one? This gorgeous, intricate shadowbox provides a three-dimensional flower garden in full bloom that showcases a favorite photo–or even a collage of several images–in a handmade masterpiece.

You’ll need some special tools and supplies and more than an ounce of patience to pull this one off, but the end result is a delicious piece of Mother’s Day eye candy. Fortunately, guest blogger Shirley, aka OkieLadyBug, does a great job of walking you through her project step-by-step with clear close-up photos. Visit Crafts Unleashed for the tutorial.

5) Handprint Wooden Spoon Butterflies

Wooden Spoons1 8 Personalized Mothers Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Image Credit: Glued to My Crafts, gluedtomycraftsblog.com/

Not only are these whimsical flying creatures adorable and easy to assemble, they provide a touching way to document how small your child’s hands once were if you stash them away before too much rough puppet play takes its toll.

Painted wooden craft spoons embellished with googly eyes, glitter, and rhinestones look great dancing in flight on the fridge or flittering from doorways. Flutter over to Glued to My Crafts for the instructions.

6) Mother’s Day Locket

Locket 8 Personalized Mothers Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Image Credit: One Artsy Mama, oneartsymama.com

Scrambling for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Got 10 minutes? Mix one creative child with a glass locket, card stock, and colored markers, and you’ve got a treasured keepsake that Grandma will probably never remove from her neck.

Start a self-gifting tradition and commission your kids to honor you with a new drawing every year so that you end up with an entire collection to match your mood and outfit du jour. Check out the beyond-easy tutorial at One Artsy Mama.

7) Garden Stepping Stones For Mother’s Day

SteppingStones1 8 Personalized Mothers Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Image Credit: The Idea Room, idearoom.net

Looking for super easy, super fast, super inexpensive, and super cute? Look no further. Head to your nearest home and garden store for a small bag of cement and a bunch of those round plastic flower pot liner trays.

Give each child their own stone to decorate with hand and foot prints, and ask them to etch their names with a popsicle stick. Embellish the stepping stones with seashells, glass beads, porcelain jewels, marbles, or pottery and china shards. No rules–just a very customized and long-lasting path through the garden that answers the question: “Were the kids ever really that small?” Step on over to The Idea Room for the easy tutorial.

8) Custom Canvas Prints

MothersDayCanvasFINAL 8 Personalized Mothers Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Okay, this one isn’t 100% DIY, but you’re still a big part of the process! Pick your favorite moment with Mom and design a photo to canvas print in minutes. Not sure which photo she’ll like best? Go with a gift card instead, or browse these seven creative canvas ideas for a little inspiration.

We’re offering our readers 78% off canvas prints through 5/9/2016, so get started today! If you’re ordering too late to receive by Mother’s Day, place an order and just print out a copy of the photo on your usual printer. Add a cute note to build some anticipation for what’s to come, and voila! She has something to look forward to even after the big day.

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