The New Trends for Canvas Artwork

Melting crayons with a blow dryer on a canvas was quite the?fad a while back and let’s face it, nobody could actually make it look good. But what are some of the new trends going around now? We’ve done that research for you and pulled together some of our favorites!


Anyone who has been on Pinterest in the last five years has probably noticed that quotes have large repins among wedding and fashion pins. That’s because people love being inspired! What better way to do that than by putting some of your favorite quotes or words on a canvas. Here’s?one DIY that we’ve seen the most.

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photo credit: Marlee Benefield

What you’ll need:
Paint brush
Staple gun
Letter stickers

  • Pick out a fabric that you like, preferably with a pattern
  • Wrap it around a canvas, make sure to stretch the fabric so that there’s no wrinkles
  • Staple the fabric to the wood on the back side of the canvas
  • Use letter stickers to write our your quote onto the fabric
  • Paint the whole canvas whatever color you’d like
  • Once the paint is dry, remove the stickers and voila!


being geek chic 300x221 The New Trends for Canvas Artwork

photo credit: Being Geek Chic

This social media outlet is blowing up and people want their artistic photos at home now. A cute way to display your photos is to hang them in a frame or make a collage of them to paste onto a piece of wood. There’s plenty of great ideas out there including this one! I would try to explain it but the video does a much better job than what I could.


This one is my personal favorite because you can paint whatever you want and it’ll still turn out cool! Follow these simple steps and channel your inner artist to create this awesome canvas art.

ooh i like that 300x291 The New Trends for Canvas Artwork

photo credit: Ooh I Like That

What you’ll need:
Colored paint (any colors you’d like)
White paint
Paint brush

  • Paint whatever you’d like on the canvas. You can do brush strokes of all different colors, swirls, shapes, anything you want!
  • Let the canvas dry completely before moving on
  • Place the tape on the canvas in a herringbone?pattern leaving a border between the pieces of tape
  • Paint over the gaps between the tape with the white paint and let it dry
  • Once the paint is completely dry, carefully peel away the tape to see your masterpiece!

Home State

Here’s a popular one especially among college students. It’s a great way to remember your best friends who might be going off to a different state. Whether you live in Florida, Michigan, Nevada, or even a different country, you can do this one! This also makes for a great gift.

pure and noble 228x300 The New Trends for Canvas Artwork

photo credit: Pure and Noble

What you’ll need:
Paint (one or two colors based on your preference)
Paint brush
Outline of a state

  • Draw the outline of the state you chose on the canvas
  • Paint everything around the outline a color of your choosing
  • Paint a heart or star wherever the city you live in is

If you want to paint the state a color instead of just leaving it white, follow these same steps but paint the state before painting the heart or star.

Know of any other awesome canvas artwork DIYs? Please share them in the comments section!

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