Cute Canvas Collage Ideas!

Canvas collages are a great way to decorate any office space or bland bedroom wall! You can tell a story with a collection of photos on canvas and display them in a variety of different ways. This type of art gives you the opportunity to choose your own sizes and piece together that perfect pairing of pictures; or, for those that find that idea daunting, we offer 28 pre-designed wall displays?to make things a little easier!

A canvas collage, or what we like to call a wall display, is a great gift for yourself or someone near and dear to you. This concept is unique and something most people have room for somewhere in their house or at their work space. Nothing says home and puts people at ease like a display of loved ones or memorable moment they want to cherish for a lifetime.

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There’s a few easy things to remember when putting together a canvas collage that we’ve outlined below.

  1. Choose a space to showcase your photos that is wide enough for what you have in mind and don’t forget the spacing in-between canvases, causing the full width of your collage to need more space than just the size of the canvases themselves.
  2. Choose a layout for your collection if you are creating this from scratch. Remember to focus on symmetry when doing so! There are plenty of examples online or you can use a pre-designed canvas layout from the 28 options on our site.
  3. Choose a focal image to highlight in the collage that will better tell your photo story (the focal image should go on the largest canvas in the batch).

Voila! Now all you need to do is hang them and enjoy!

Below are a few of our fan favorites we’ve spotted on mommy blogs and taken from our Facebook page! Find some inspiration from our photos below, and share yours with us on Facebook!

Which canvas collage layout below do you love most? Comment this week and we’ll pick a winner to receive a free 16″x20″ print to use in a collage of their own!

Photo credit goes to Anne at Fannetasticfood, Marta at MartaWrites, and two of our Facebook fans!
canvasfinal Cute Canvas Collage Ideas!


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4 Responses to Cute Canvas Collage Ideas!

  1. Laura Ashland says:

    I love the bottom right!!

  2. Vickey Morrissey says:

    I really like the one on the bottom right. it flows really well!

  3. Angie L says:

    I love the bottom left! I love how family friendly it is.

  4. Donna Olin says:

    Bottom right…so cute!