Corporate Art Spotlight: Canvas Print Ideas for Your Company Walls

The artwork you hang in your company’s offices does more than adorn the walls. Like people, companies have personalities. So, to get the positive responsive any office manager hopes for, it is important to select images that communicate your company’s unique personality and purpose.

In addition to the impact wall art has on the customers or clients that walk through your door, the prints you choose should be a source of inspiration for your employees. No matter what your key intention, though, the manner in which you present the art is essential to sending the right message.


CORPORATE OFFICE Corporate Art Spotlight: Canvas Print Ideas for Your Company Walls
When choosing canvas art prints for any room, size is an important factor. First, identify and measure the intended wall space for your canvas print. When placing your canvas order, keep that measurement in mind and select a size appropriate for that space.

Easy Canvas Prints has plenty of size options, big or small, but remember: you will need adequate white space surrounding the canvas so that it doesn’t look out of proportion to the rest of the room. If you’re not careful, the size you choose could have the effect of overwhelming the room, or alternatively, getting lost in it. For example, if you hang a canvas that is larger than your desk right above that desk, the effect might be more distracting than inspiring.



unnamed Corporate Art Spotlight: Canvas Print Ideas for Your Company Walls

One of many wall displays in the Easy Canvas Prints office! This one highlights our company values.

Hang commercial wall art in a location that will do the canvas justice! Above all, ensure there is adequate lighting to show it off. Wall art should also be hung so that the center of the canvas is at eye-level, unless you are dealing with a tricky space or an especially tall print.

If you are looking to fill a large wall space, a wall display of photos reflecting your company’s story may be just what you need. Whether you choose a black-and-white theme or go for color photos, you can use a pre-designed arrangement to create an eye-catching display.


COLOR COORDINATED OFFICE Corporate Art Spotlight: Canvas Print Ideas for Your Company Walls
Another way to attract attention to a piece of art is to minimize the colors, textures, and patterns of other items in the room. Consider the carpeting, wall coverings, furniture fabrics, and window treatments. You want the surroundings to complement the artwork without allowing the artwork to completely dominate the office space. When selecting a subject for your canvas, think about how the colors on the canvas could enrich the other colors in the room.


CONTEMPORARY OFFICE Corporate Art Spotlight: Canvas Print Ideas for Your Company Walls
Choose a style or genre that reflects the rest of the office decor, as well as the company culture. If an office is designed in contemporary fashion, go with equally modern artwork. This style conveys a forward-thinking approach and is especially effective for tech companies that rely on staying up-to-date and ahead of the curve. If your office is going for a warmer, homier feel, select images that inspire a feeling of calm and comfort. In general, a coordinated office space reflects conscious thought and effort, something all companies should aspire to for their work environment.


Choice of Photos
OFFICE WALL Corporate Art Spotlight: Canvas Print Ideas for Your Company Walls
Corporate art should especially include photos of employees, to recognize their importance and celebrate their achievements. These prints also allow the public to put real faces to your brand, and they emphasize your company’s commitment to employee well-being. This type of canvas can be a smart addition to a conference room where you meet with clients, business colleagues, and employees.

With their permission, use photos of clients to communicate their importance to your company as well, and to remind employees of the huge impact their work is having on real people. If your company is involved in community service work, volunteer photos are also great additions to office walls. They can help unify the office with reminders of their local impact and the power of teamwork. Plus, they might inspire office visitors to get out into the community themselves!

Canvas art also provides a unique opportunity for highlighting company charts and graphs. Although they make attractive visuals, graphics are more than just visual aids. They represent your company’s results and can be used to recognize especially strong performance or achievements. Graphics create effective advertising or culture pieces in a bold, but not overbearing way.


How is your business incorporating wall art into office decor?

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