Customer Art Spotlight: Shiba Inu Pet Portraits

In honor of National Pet Month, we sat down with Cat R. of Bergen County, New Jersey. A proud “mom” to three adorable dogs, Cat tagged us on Instagram with the photo below:

ShibaInu1 Customer Art Spotlight: Shiba Inu Pet Portraits

You can see why we had to know more! Huge thanks to Cat for sharing the story behind these photogenic pups, including some Shiba Inu hijinks and tips for capturing fun pet photos of your own.


Easy Canvas Prints (ECP): What an incredible photo! Be honest – how long did it take you to get this shot?

Cat: Thank you very much! Honestly, it only took 10 to 15 minutes. But I probably took around 20 photos to get one or two that I really liked.

Kai (the cream dog) is the best at posing for photos. He’s very food motivated and will stay still and look at the camera because he knows that results in yummy noms! Sayuri (the red dog) and Remy (the black and tan dog) are easily distracted and will sit/stand where I want them to, but they won’t always look at the camera.


ECP: Tell us more about these adorable pups. And are they always this well behaved?

Cat: All three of them are Shiba Inus. Sayuri is the oldest at 10 years old, Remy will turn 10 this September, and Kai is 8. We’ve had Sayuri and Kai since they were 8-week-old puppies; we got them from a breeder. Remy just recently joined our family last October, due to unfortunate circumstances. We were happy to welcome him into our home and he has been a great addition.

image4 Customer Art Spotlight: Shiba Inu Pet Portraits

Sayuri is female and her name means “small lily” in Japanese. Since Shibas are a Japanese breed, I thought a Japanese name would suit her. She is the boss of the three.

image3 Customer Art Spotlight: Shiba Inu Pet Portraits
Kai is short for Kaieteur which is the name of the tallest single drop waterfall in Guyana, where my husband is from.

BrownDog Customer Art Spotlight: Shiba Inu Pet Portraits

Remy arrived already named but it suits him very well. I like to call him “Remy the Roomba” since he’s so quick to pick up food that falls on the floor. Sayuri’s nickname is “Princess Sayuri” and Kai’s is “Kai-Kun.” I love the movie Elf, and I used to joke around and call them my “cotton headed ninny-muggins.” Now I call them all my “mini-muggins” for short.

They all have such unique personalities and can be very mischievous. Kai absolutely loves coffee and has stolen many cups off of the coffee table! He’ll wait for you to leave the room and then he’ll steal it and pop the lid off to enjoy the contents! He also loves to sleep under the blankets at night. He will paw at my arm or face in the middle of the night to get me to wake up and lift the covers so he can get under.

Sayuri loves attention and will whine at you to pet her. She’ll shove her head right into your hand, and she won’t stop until you give in and scratch her head. Remy used to visit when he was a puppy, and one day when I returned from an outing my couch was destroyed. It was a cloth couch and it was shredded–there was fluff everywhere! He’s not as destructive anymore, but he still likes to nibble blankets.


ECP: How did you become such an amazing photographer? Give us some tips!

Cat: Thank you so much! I’m not really an amazing photographer…I just have cute Shibas that make the pictures awesome.

DogsFlowers Customer Art Spotlight: Shiba Inu Pet Portraits

The main reason I’m able to get some decent photos of them is they all know the “stay” command. Sayuri and Kai learned it when they were puppies, and I taught Remy when he joined us. If you teach your dog the verbal command and hand signal for “stay” it will be much easier to get them to pose for photos.


ECP: How are these prints displayed in your home?

Cat: They are hanging on a wall above our mail table. I want to get more and fill the entire wall, but so far the wall is only half-filled:

image1 Customer Art Spotlight: Shiba Inu Pet Portraits

I joke with my husband that other families have walls filled with photos of their children while we have a wall dedicated to our dogs. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. These dogs are my family simple smile Customer Art Spotlight: Shiba Inu Pet Portraits

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