Decorate Your Home In Tiffany Blue

Tiffany blue, sometimes referred to as robin’s egg or what others call a light shade of turquoise, is the perfect color to decorate any room with. The color palette ranges from light to dark and radiates femininity, luxury, and serenity. There’s something ladylike about whispering shades of aqua that have recently caught our eye. It’s no wonder one of the most elegant brands, Tiffany & Co., trademarked the color and continues to use it for just about everything – including that ever so popular “little blue box!”

We’ve seen this shade of blue used in a variety of rooms and spaces recently like bathroom walls, curtain panels in a bedroom, or accents on chairs, photo frames, and linens. With that being said, tiffany blue might not be the hue for everyone. We’ve outlined a few easy things to remember when choosing a color to decorate with.

  1. Start small, do your research, and experiment with colors before you dive in and put anything on a wall!
  2. Think about the mood of the room you’re decorating. Do you want it to feel calming and serene or vibrant for entertaining guests?
  3. Consider the decorative finishes that will compliment your color. Will you fill your walls with canvas photos, mirrors, or artwork you’ve recently purchased? How will those pieces look collectively?

What is your favorite shade of blue? Comment this week and we’ll pick a winner to receive a free 16″x20″ print to hang in a newly decorated space!?

Below are a few of our favorite photos showing off the use of tiffany blue! Photo credit goes to Pinterest and

12 Decorate Your Home In Tiffany Blue

22 Decorate Your Home In Tiffany Blue

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14 Responses to Decorate Your Home In Tiffany Blue

  1. Kimberly says:

    Sapphire blue is my favorite shade.

  2. Erin says:

    I think Navy Blue is timeless and classic. It’s my favorite shade of blue.

  3. Mitzi Kielar says:

    cerulean blue

  4. Zoe Houlihan says:

    Tiffany Blue is lovely, but I think Navy is my favorite!

  5. Karen Wilson says:

    I think Tiffany Blue is the ideal color!

  6. Annette H says:

    tiffany blue was used to decorate a party room I was just in recently and walking in there just took everyone’s breath away!

  7. Loretta Stahl says:

    Tiffany Blue is a sensational color…relaxing and yet such an emotional burst of excitement!

  8. Sam says:


  9. Kira Foster says:

    Azure or sky blue seems to just cheer me up!

  10. Kelly says:

    I like the tiffany blue accents to add a pop of color with the neutral tones but my fav. blue is Royal Blue.

  11. Sara says:

    Robin’s egg blue!

  12. Cindy says:

    I LOVE Tiffany Blue. My studio color is very very close to this blue, and all of my marketing items reflect it. I just LOVE IT.