Decorate Your Walls Like a Pro: Canvas Print Ideas for Any Space

Do you have numerous empty walls in your home? Are you struggling to come up with home wall decor ideas? If so, don’t let the decorating blues get you down, we have a few inspired canvas print ideas for every room in your home!

Inspiration For Your Next Canvas Print
Choosing your photo inspirations will require you to examine the decor of each room. Is there a dominant color? Do you have other art in the room? Are you hoping to bring the room together with a common theme? Answering these questions will help you to choose the number and type of canvas print.

Prints for the TV or Living Room
FireplaceCanvasn NoLogo Decorate Your Walls Like a Pro: Canvas Print Ideas for Any Space

  • Family photos — The TV or living room is a space that is most often occupied by your family and guests. It should be a warm and inviting part of your home that is perfect for casual lounging, watching a movie, reading a book, and other family-oriented activities. Family photos can easily be turned into beautiful new canvas prints. You can arrange the photos as a full wall display or choose to hang them individually.
  • Vacation pictures — Did you recently go on a fabulous vacation? Before you post the pictures to your favorite social media site, take a moment to create new canvas prints. Vacation photos hold wonderful memories that should be cherished every day.
  • Remembering big life events — Important life events, such as weddings, graduations, and christenings can all make great canvas prints. Instead of creating individual prints, create a collage or wall display. If you have been present in someone’s life from their graduation to wedding to the birth of their first child, put these incredible events together to create an inspired photo collage.
  • Pets — Pets are an important part of any family. Don’t forget to display your favorite moments with your four-legged friends.

Prints for the Kitchen and Casual Dining AreasKitchenCanvas NoLogo Decorate Your Walls Like a Pro: Canvas Print Ideas for Any Space

  • Important event invitations — The kitchen fridge is usually the place where we store important event announcements. From wedding invitations to pregnancy announcements, the kitchen fridge can easily become cluttered. After the events, your invitations might make their way into a scrapbook, where they could easily be forgotten for years to come. Instead of forgetting about these important events, you can turn the invitations into beautiful canvas prints. Simply pick the events that are most important to you and create a new print that can hang on your kitchen wall for an inspired look.
  • Inspirational messages and accompanying images — When we are in the kitchen we are often inspired by food and drink. Turn these inspirations into the latest wall art! Inspirational messages and accompanying images can be prominently displayed throughout your kitchen as canvas prints. Whether you want to pick a light-hearted message about drinking wine or prefer to choose a food-inspired photograph, the choice is yours!

Canvas Prints for Hallways and BathroomsHALLWAY NOLOGO CROPPED Decorate Your Walls Like a Pro: Canvas Print Ideas for Any Space

  • Artsy prints — A home’s hallways and bathrooms are places to have a little fun with wall art decor. Now that you’ve mastered your Instagram filters and the iPhone camera quality is approaching professional levels, why not put some of your amateur photos on canvas? Show off your newfound photography skills and enjoy your work as you move throughout your hallways. Since they are not centerpieces of big rooms, art for your hallways and bathrooms can be a little more on the adventurous side. That flower photo or city shot you’re so proud of will make the perfect addition.
  • The Great Outdoors — Landscapes, cityscapes, and nature scenes can also work wonders for brightening up basic hallways and providing enticing wall art as you navigate your home. Mountains, waterfalls, and forest scenes add a calming, tranquil feel to the transition from room to room. Especially if you’re in an urban setting, a little reminder of the world outside your city block can be a breath of fresh air. Beach scenes are especially wonderful for bathrooms, draw a bath and reminisce on your last beach va-cay!

Canvas Art for a Home Office or DenOfficeCanvas NoLogo Decorate Your Walls Like a Pro: Canvas Print Ideas for Any Space

  • Motivational quotes & imagery — Find a quote from one of your mentors or personal heroes, and hang it front and center for instant motivation throughout the work day. Alternatively, hang a print of your favorite travel destination. Not only will it add some color to your home office, but it will serve as a great reminder of what can be accomplished through all your hard work!
  • Places of residence (your first apartment or home) — Turning photographs of your old homes into canvas prints is a great way to remember your previous residences and all of the memories that they hold. These photographs can easily be displayed in a digital timeline.
  • Hobbies or passions – The den and home office areas are perfect spaces for displaying imagery around the hobbies and activities you love. Sports fan? Hang a picture of your team’s stadium, or an artsy closeup of players or equipment. Music lover? Highlight lyrics of sheet music from your favorite song.

With these inspired canvas print ideas, the blank walls of your home will soon be filled with stunning visual displays. All that’s left to do is to pick out your favorite ideas and start ordering prints!

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