Decorating with Color

With Spring in the midst and Summer soon to follow, we know what you?re all looking forward to…more colors! The trend is in and the blogs are talking, so what can we learn about how to incorporate color into your decorating this season? To give us some insight, we were delighted to cougardatesites interview our friend Rhoda, talented blogger and decorator from the inspiring DIY and home decor blog, Southern Hospitality. See how you can turn your home or office into colorful space to enjoy the upcoming seasons.

Easy Canvas Prints: With so many options, how do you decide on a color scheme for decorating a room?
Rhoda: I try to take into account the surrounding rooms and how I want them to flow. ?Everything doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, that’s not very exciting, but I like to have common color interwoven around the whole house. ?That usually works to have at least one color that is found in all rooms. ?I love fabrics for inspiration and color ideas.

Easy Canvas Prints: ?What do you turn to for color inspiration?
Rhoda: I love fabrics for inspiration and color ideas. ?I’m naturally drawn to certain colors, like green and love when I find a new fabric to fall in love with and use. ?That can really set the mood in a room.

Easy Canvas Prints: What rooms are best left decorated in neutral colors and what rooms are safe to go color-crazy with?
Rhoda: I like to have my main living area with plenty of neutrals and then pop color in with pillows and accessories. ?I do tend to go a little color crazy in off ?spaces, like offices and laundry rooms. Those are fun rooms to add some punches of color and that makes those spaces a lot more fun to hang out in.

Easy Canvas Prints: Is there such a thing as too much color when it comes to decorating?
Rhoda: For me, there probably would be. I love color, but not overly saturated everywhere color. ?I like it in moderation, but I’m not scared to use color either. ?Painting walls in a bright hue is a wonderful way to wake a room up.

Easy Canvas Prints: Tell us something you?ve done in your own decorating to brighten up a room with color?
Rhoda: In my old laundryroom, I painted the walls lime green and added black and white checkerboard floors and that room was so fun and cheery. ?It is still a very popular room from my old house tour that everyone still loves.

Decorating with Color Green 225x300 Decorating with Color

Decorating with Green

Easy Canvas Prints: What are some great ideas for creating a ?pop of color??
Rhoda: Adding punches of color on the sofa and with a few accessories sprinkled around the room are a great way to bring in color without overly committing to it on the walls. ?That will make a huge difference in the feel of a room.

Easy Canvas Prints: Give us some canvas tips! What are two ideas to incorporate color into your d?cor using canvas prints?
Rhoda: I gave my mom a canvas print of our family and she loved adding it to her den walls. ?It represents our whole family and is very special to her. My niece got married last year and my sister ordered a beautiful black and white canvas of my niece and her new hubby leaving the reception. ?The crowd was throwing rose petals and the the only color on the canvas was those red rose petals flying through the air. ?It’s so pretty and very eye-catching!

You can check out more of Rhoda?s creative projects and design inspiration at her blog, Southern Hospitality. Thanks Rhoda!

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