Dos and Donts of DIY Wedding Projects

Wedding season is upon us! Planning a wedding can be stressful. We understand wanting to make your wedding more personalized through DIY projects, but what is achievable and what is not? Through intense wedding research, Easy Canvas Prints has put together a list of dos and donts for wedding DIYing! Some baseline words of advice: make sure the benefits outweigh the costs, the project can be done well in advance of the wedding, and the project isn’t a big element of your wedding day.

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1. Invitations and Save the Dates- There are tons of online programs that allow you to complete templates for save the dates and invitations. If you know a designer, or someone experienced in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, ask them to help out. This way you are getting the personalized invitations you have always wanted. Knowing that your friend has created them is an added bonus.

2. Flowers and Centerpieces- WARNING: keep these simple! What makes this a do is that you can create the vase and accessories weeks before the ceremony. Have someone trustworthy on the day add the flowers and you are good to go. If you want elaborate flower arrangements this may not be the best option for you.

3. Favors- Party favors can get expensive. There are a lot of great ideas out there that take up minimal time. Get your bridesmaids together for an evening of DIYing! I have seen some great ideas. For a winter wedding, create your own hot cocoa mix. In the summer, put together a smores kit.

4. Table place cards- If you are looking for a super easy DIY wedding project, this is it! We have seen everything from wine corks to pears. I have also seen the use of clothes line clips extensively. If you are looking for a more unique option use ribbon and magnets. Bonus: the Magnets can be a party favor!

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Photo courtesy of Pinterest


1. Photography- With the development of Instagram, many people feel they don’t need a wedding photographer at all. It is a great idea to create a hashtag for your wedding and encourage your guests to take and post pictures of the big day. However, not everyone will do this and the photos are far from professional. Make sure you don’t miss out on getting great pics from your wedding. You won’t regret splurging on this, when you receive the photos.

2. Makeup and Hair- Professional make up artists are trained to know what photographs well and what doesn’t. Your mom may have braided your hair all through grade school, but she should probably sit this one out. You want your whole party to enjoy the day as well, not spend time working on your hair and makeup.

3. Apparel- Making your own veil or glitter shoes can be done well in advance of the day. However, they are far from the same quality. No one wants their veil to fall apart on the way down the aisle! Having the piece of mind is often better than making sure your creation holds up.

4. Cake- We have noticed a big trend in alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. Everything from simple cupcakes to a chocolate fountain. Although your mom’s best friend make a mean cupcake, you might want to invest in another option. The dessert is also a decor element to your wedding. You can still save big in this category going with a simpler design, but steer clear of DIY cakes and deserts.

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