Fun Photo Ideas that Capture Your Family’s Style

Great family photographs are elusive creatures. However, gorgeous shots
that capture your troop’s spirit and style don’t have to be so
difficult. With a little planning, some thoughtful styling,
prop assemblage and a patient friend or neighbor to serve as
photographer, you can freeze priceless memories of the ones you love in

1. Reflections

– Kids can sit posed together opposite of the parents, while the
parents pose and hold a mirror that reflects the kids.

2. Silhouettes

– Hang a bed sheet. The family stands behind the sheet with their
backs to the sun. The photographer shoots in front of the sheet.
– Shoot at sunset in an open field or favorite landscape. The
photographer shoots into the sun, with the subjects standing
directly in front of the sun.

3. Props

– Use props pertinent to the family, such as books, bikes or sports
equipment. Shoot the family in action with these props.
– The family sits against a wall in a row. Each member holds a
favorite book open in front of his or her face, revealing the face
from only the eyes up.
– The family stands in front of a large chalkboard on which a message
has been written.
– Incorporate handheld chalkboards with messages into a photo.
– Family members hold record album covers in front of their faces.

4. Backs

– The photographer shoots from behind, with the subjects facing away
from camera, walking toward the ocean, a lake, or pond. This way,
there’s no worries about smiles, squinting, closed eyes, shadows on
faces, grumpy husbands, mud-smeared clothing or toddler meltdowns.
– The family faces away from the camera, walking through a field or
down a lane.

5. Hands

– The family holds hands, making a human chain, playing
follow-the-leader through a field, on a beach or across a street.
– The family holds hands in human-chain silhouette.

6. Feet

– Sometimes feet can be just as expressive as hands. Try focusing on
feet only.
– Shoot a feet-only shot of a child dancing on top of a parent’s or
grandparent’s feet.
– Take a shot of the family’s feet in the background, capturing their
shadows in the foreground.
– The family lies on a white or simple bed cover. The photographer
takes a black and white shot of the bottoms of the family members’

7. Jump

– The family members simply jump into the air in unison.

8. Lie Down

– Lie down in opposing directions or in a circle while looking up.
– Create a scene with sidewalk chalk, incorporating the family in the

The Skate Park Shadows Fun Photo Ideas that Capture Your Familys Style

Display Ideas for Family Photos:

– Make canvas prints
– Create a gallery wall
– Crop one photo into four high-impact wall posters
– Compile a holiday photo album
– Make photo books online
– Print photos on pillows, key fobs, coasters or smartphone cases

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