FAQ: How to pick a good image or photo to print on canvas

How can I tell if my image is good?

One way to see the quality of your image is to open it in an image viewer and zoom in.

You can estimate how far to zoom by comparing the size of your computer screen to the size of the canvas you purchased. If the image remains clear once enlarged, that’s a good sign that it will work well for printing. You’ll want to provide us with the largest file that you have access to.

What if my image is a photograph?

Most digital cameras and camera phones can produce an image that will work well for printing. For an image from a digital camera,the original, unedited file straight from the memory card of the camera will typically work best for printing. If the image is from a camera phone, many phones will provide you with size options when you email a file. When you retrieve the file from your phone, make sure to use the largest size option.

Keep in mind that if the image has been edited such as by cropping, altering color, or has been downladed from a website such as Facebook or other image hosting sites, all of those things can reduce the quality.

What if I’m attempting to find images on the internet?

While most online images are not intended for print, Google has a feature that allows you to filter for large images that may work well for printing. (Megan, the “may” in quotes is important. I took out some other language to be more customer friendly but it must be communicated that this is not a guarantee for finding print ready files)

From the main page of Google, click on Images in the upper right hand corner. Enter your search, and a number of images will appear. To filter for large files, click on Search Tools, choose Size, and then Large. The page will refresh to show only large images. From there, it’s important to click on the image, which will isolate it in a black bar, and then click View Image to open it to it’s largest size. From that point, right click on the image, and you’ll have an option to save it to your computer.

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