Helpful Tips for Hanging Canvas

The best part about making canvas photo prints is hanging them on your wall. Since the placement and positioning of your prints is an important decorating detail, hanging them properly can make a big difference in the appearance of your room or office. Besides, you want to make sure those terrific pictures don’t fall off the wall!

A traditional canvas usually has a hook and wire installed in the back of the wood frame, but another method is using the standard sawtooth wall hangers installed on the back which makes hanging your canvases easier. Depending on the dimensions of your print, one or two hangers are mounted on the back in either a horizontal or vertical position.

If you’d rather place your print on a table, shelf, or desk, you can choose the canvas stand instead, otherwise follow these simple steps on how to hang pictures.

Helpful Tips for Hanging Pictures

1. Before hanging your canvas print, try to locate a stud in the wall for heavier pictures. Then measure the best spot to place it, marking the midpoint of the canvas hanger on your wall with a pencil, so your picture hangs straight and even.

2. To hang large prints, position them in the center of your main wall, since this is the room’s focal point. For the best visibility, mount pictures at eye level, measuring 60 inches or 1.5 meters from the floor. In children’s rooms, hang them near their eye level so the kids can see them.

3. When mounting pictures over a piece of furniture, make sure the picture is not longer than the width of your furniture. Instead of hanging it at eye level, hang it about six inches or 20 centimeters above your furniture piece to maintain proportion.

4. Choose the appropriate nail thickness and length (about 1 to 1.5 inches long) that match the sawtooth grooves of the hanger mounted on the back of your canvas to support its weight. Then hammer in the nail on the marked spot, and balance your print between the hanger grooves.

For diptychs, triptychs, photomosaics, and wall collages, follow the same picture hanging tips in numbers one and two above, but measure four inches or 10 centimeters between each of your pictures on canvas.

Then step back, take in the view, and enjoy your art!

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