Luau Cake Recipe – From Julie of White Lights on Wednesday

Hello again everyone. It’s Julie from White Lights on Wednesday. I’m back this month with a really fun cake that is sure to be a show stopper at your summer BBQ or birthday party.

Luau Cake 7 620x413 Luau Cake Recipe   From Julie of White Lights on Wednesday

At work I’ve been labeled the baker. Everyone knows I write a food blog, but what they eat are my desserts. Any time there are way too many cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. at home, I take them to work with me. Five minutes later, they’re gone. It’s magic. One of my co-workers actually told me that if my (then) boyfriend didn’t marry me soon, he would. I’m engaged to my boyfriend now. Haha. But I digress.

Luau Cake 9 620x420 Luau Cake Recipe   From Julie of White Lights on Wednesday

So, a couple weeks ago my friend Vina asked me to make her daughter’s birthday cake. She wanted pineapple and it was a luau themed party. That’s all the info I got. Then Tayun (Vina’s daughter) sent me cake idea pictures. I almost died. One was a two-tier fondant covered cake with gum paste, hand painted orchids. Another was white fondant with a surfer made from modeling chocolate. Ummm…what did Vina tell her daughter I can make?!?! Turns out Vina just told her whatever I baked would taste amazing. Okay. It’s a starting point. So I made a triple pineapple cake, via the birthday girl’s wishes, and got to decorating. Ready to make this bad boy?

Luau Cake 8 620x413 Luau Cake Recipe   From Julie of White Lights on Wednesday


Two 9″x13″ cakes – flavor of your choosing

2 cups cake filling – flavor of your choosing

2 1/2 to 3 cups buttercream frosting

Americolor food coloring gel in Electric Blue and Turquoise

2 sheets of graham crackers

White colored candy melts

Sea shell candy mold

Various cake decorations in the ocean and beach theme

4 origami paper flowers in bright colors, fixed with a wire stem for placing on the cake

Cake board



  1. Melt candy melts according to package directions. Spoon melted candy into seashell molds. Use the back of a knife or offset spatula to scrape the top of the candy mold to remove any excess candy and even out the backs of the candies. Place mold in the fridge and leave to set while you complete the steps below.
  2. Place you first cake layer, bottom side down, onto the cake board. Top cake with filling. Top filling with second cake layer, bottom side up (facing you). This will give you a nice flat surface to decorate. Gently press the top layer a little to even out the filling and stick everything together.
  3. Set aside 1/4 to 1/2 cup of prepared buttercream – this will be for writing on the cake later. Into the remaining buttercream, mix 4 to 5 drop electric blue food coloring and 2 drops turquoise food coloring. Add more of either color until the desired blue is reached. We’re going for the ocean kids. Frost the entire outside of the cake with the blue butter cream.
  4. Place graham cracker sheets in a ziploc bag. Using a rolling pin or meat mallet, crush graham crackers into crumbs. They don’t have to be perfectly uniform, you just don’t want any really big pieces. Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs over on side and corner of the cake to create your beach. You can make the beach as big or as little as you like.
  5. Gather cake decorations. Remove candy from seashell mold. Place candy seashells, tiki heads, pineapples, trees, turtles, flip flops, flower rings and any other small decorations around the beach to your liking.
  6. Place two origami flowers in the upper right corner of the cake, on top of the cake. Place the other two flowers in the lower left corner of the cake, along the bottom edge. Decorate the cake with lettering for your party or birthday wishes. Refrigerate until 30 mins before ready to serve.
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