Gender-Neutral Nursery Design Ideas for Various Styles

Besides the obvious joys of expecting a child, there’s also the excitement of decorating a nursery. However, if you and your significant other have decided to wait on finding out the gender of your baby, it can be difficult to think of ideas outside the typical green and yellow color box for neutral rooms. There’s also the question of what kind of nursery you’d like. Modern, traditional, eclectic? Since it’s a completely separate room and it will be housing a little person, you can basically do whatever you’d like! Forget what goes along with the rest of the house, make the nursery it’s own little world where your child’s imagination can subconsciously grow.
Here are some ideas to decorate the baby’s room based on modern, traditional, and eclectic nurseries that will inspire you to go all HGTV on it.


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City people this is for you. Not saying all city folk are into modern decor but let’s face it, if you live in a city, you’re clearly attracted to that style even just little bit. If you live in a more rural area and want to do something other than the stereotypical rustic style then this is for you as well.

Mix and match. Don’t stick with all dark wood furniture or all gold accent features. The key is to find an inspiration piece and build the rest of the room from that. Go thrifting for an old style crib and match a contemporary armchair with it along with a silver and gold wall design.

Feeling like having an all white wood furniture room? Throw in a colorful carpet to brighten up the room and bring personality into it. Mount a piece or art on the wall that will bring out the colors on the floor.

Animal pieces are huge this year. Add an elephant stool or a giraffe chair to the room instead of a giant teddy bear. It adds practicality to an animal feature in a nursery. Make the crib mobile out of stuffed animals so that the baby can still get an idea, early on, for what stuffed animals are but without that fear of it bothering the baby.


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If you’re more of an old soul traditional type, this is your area. You probably already have a rocking horse swaying back and forth next to the crib. The swivel rocker and ottoman is sitting in the corner with a matching plush pillow and blanket. Yep, that’s you so you don’t need any guidance. However, if you are someone who typically goes for the white acrylic kitchen table and leather sectionals then you need some help.

Dark wood is your friend. A dark crib with a dark changing table with a dark rocking chair are the perfect setup for a traditional nursery.

When you think of an old school nursery what do you think of? White rug. Well maybe that’s just me but I think a white carpet is the most traditional piece of floor art you could put down.

Paint their name above the crib/changing table or run over to Hobby Lobby to snatch up those wooden letters to decorate. This is probably something you should wait to do till after the baby is born unless you want to dip into the originality pond and do a weird “name/name” art: Elliot/Ana or Luke/Clementine. We’re not judging.


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The world will soon be taken over by hipsters and you will be completely lost. Skinny jeans or corduroys, fedora or flat cap, how will you survive? I can’t help you there. But these decor ideas can help you with your baby’s hipster nursery. Follow these and even Zooey Deschanel will want to live here.

Thrifting is a must if you want to have an eclectic nursery. Vintage mirrors in different shapes and sizes hung is a gallery style on a wall will make you feel like you’re not even in a child’s room. If mirrors in a nursery freaks you out because you’ve watched too many horror movies then start collecting numbers and letters to hang in their place.

Wallpaper is starting to make come back and there are some beautiful designs out there. If you’re not really into wall decals or artwork, this is a great way to bring life to a room without

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overcrowding the walls. It’s something you can do in any kind of room so if you want specifically an eclectic feel, you need to choose wisely.

Two words. Bow ties. For some people these never went out of style but for the most part, men just recently started wearing these again. If you want your son to be a heart breaker then start him early on this trend, as in when he comes home from the hospital. Hang some bow ties in a shadow box or find a template to paint them on a wall. I realize this isn’t gender neutral but you could do the same for a baby girl’s room with bows! Combine the bow ties and the bows and voila! a gender neutral room.

Here are some quick and easy ideas that will fit in any nursery!

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  • Chalk paint a wall or frames for friends and family to leave notes on.
  • Pictures or quotes on canvases to make a gallery wall.
  • Monogram. Monogram everything in that room.
  • Glow in the dark stars stuck to the ceiling for a starry night.
  • Paint a design on your boring changing table.
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