Ode To Canvas

Who’s your favorite poet? Do you prefer transcendentalists like Emerson and Thoreau, or does Dr. Seuss speak to you more through his inventive words?

April is National Poetry Month – dedicated to the recognition of poetry and its authors. We, at Easy Canvas Prints, want to show our appreciation by sharing a poem about a passion of our own:

Ode to Canvas

O, woven piece of cloth

How masterfully you fray

Since time doth test your uses

And uses boast array.


You made your name by cannabis

And art by Renaissance?

Once hemp, too weak to function

Primed cotton as response.


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To share our work divine

Yet not forget ulterior means

Of home decor refined.


O, Canvas, you have shown us

Amidst the imageries

That pieces of your fabric

Exhibit memories.


For you are but blank, Canvas

Your purpose like a dream?

Expressions, long and lasting

Stretched out on wooden beam.

What do you think? Share some of your favorite authors and poems below!?


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One Response to Ode To Canvas

  1. Is the printed canvas treated with UV finish?