Pets On Canvas!

Fotor0717110452 300x300 Pets On Canvas!Most people who have pets adore them. Dogs and cats among others are an integral part of the family and sometimes even treated as a second or third child. Here are some tips for you to photograph your pets in a professional way and have some great photos of your four legged family member.

1. Natural light is key. Everyone, humans and animals included, looks better under the sun. In addition, pets typically don’t like camera flashes so working outside will keep your animal calm. The flash also gives animals green eye, just like humans get red eye.

2. Put your camera at your pet’s eye level. Us humans look better at eye level and same goes for animals. A good way to do this is getting on the ground or propping your pet up on a chair or table. Dogs always look adorable when they’re cozied up on a sofa.

3. Let your ineedbride pet get used to the camera. Most animals aren’t accustomed to being in front of a camera and they won’t understand why you’re coming at them with it.

4. When deciding on a time to do your photo shoot, observe your pets daily routine. For instance, if your cat is calmer in the morning, take photos at that time because it is less likely to be agitated. However, if your dog gets extremely excited when the kids come home from school then maybe take your photos before.

5. Take lots of photos. Using a continuous photo setting is a great way to get the perfect action shot of your dog running and it’s little (or big) ears flopping in the wind.

6. Be patient. You can’t control or give directions to animals as you can with humans. Understanding that your cat doesn’t know what you mean when you say “make love to the camera” is key.

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4 Responses to Pets On Canvas!

  1. Bob Childe says:

    To all at ECP
    Just received my 24”x36” canvas print and just like to say I’m over the moon, superb quality, and excellent fast service, thank you for such a splendid hassle free job, will definitely be ordering again.

  2. These seem like really great canvas prints. My favorite is the middle picture with the kitten lying on the hardwood floor. I have a few pictures in my closet that I would like to have printed out. It would be nice to finally have them printed out on canvas so that I can hang them up around my house.

    • ECP blog ECP blog says:

      Deanna, I’m sure your pictures would look great on canvas! Hop over to to start getting them printed!