Tips for Decorating Dorm Rooms or Small Spaces

Whether they’re returning to college or on their own for the first time,
collegians can use all the help they can get. Dormitory rooms are
typically cold and sterile, with institution-style furniture and beige
walls. A dorm room doesn’t have to feel like a barren cell, however.
Students can transform their rooms into appealing and efficient spaces
for studying or hanging out if they familiarize themselves with these
design considerations.


Assess the layout and the placement of the furniture. Push desks
together, move dressers into closets and loft beds to maximize space. If
a bed isn’t lofted, push it lengthwise against a wall and add a few
throw pillows to transform it into a couch during the day. Personalize
the room with DIY throw pillows made from photos printed on fabric.


Nothing says cell block more than overhead florescent bulbs. Turn them
off and use desk and floor lamps as space permits. Strategically placed
mirrors enhance window and lamp light without adding fixtures.


142307801 300x201 Tips for Decorating Dorm Rooms or Small SpacesCoordinate with roommates to choose complementary (if not matching)
bedding. Choose fabric and patterns that hide stains well and are easy
to wash. use floor cushions (aka, poufs) to do triple-duty as seats,
ottomans and coffee tables. Personalize dorm furnishings with washi tape
(colored paper tape), which removes without residue.


There’s never enough storage in tiny dorm rooms. Consider bed risers to
create under-bed storage. Stack belongings when possible and take
advantage of home improvement store items, such as hooks, wall-mounted
shelving, baskets, crates and see-through bins. Edge shelves with washi
tape for a personal touch.


Painting dorm walls is normally forbidden with a capital F, so dress up
walls with one or more of the following:

PC FacebookPromo Tree v3 Tips for Decorating Dorm Rooms or Small Spaces

  • Adhesive decals give a room a personal touch in minutes, come off easily and don’t leave a sticky residue behind.
  • Find printable art and create a gallery wall.
  • Put art and photos on gallery-quality canvas by creating of friends, family, pets, favorite vacation destinations, events, etc.
  • Use giant posters or create your own printable wall mural at a co-op center or office supply store that offers large engineer prints
  • Find removable peel-and-stick wallpaper.



Window treatments have a variety of uses. They let light in or out, and
offer a degree of privacy. Creative college students can use them as
closet doors, bed canopies and wall decor.


Warm cold, hard floors with plush area rugs and/or personal DIY versions
using old T-shirts.

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