Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Summer is in full swing and we have seen some great canvas creations from your family vacations! We created some more ideas for turning your vacation memories into a canvas masterpiece.

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Photograph Sunsets! Summer brings some of the most beautiful sunsets, which in turn make amazing canvas prints. On the beach? adjust the exposure of your camera to really capture the colors accurately.

sunset 300x200 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Utilize Shadows! A shadow in a person’s face can ruin a picture, but shadows used correctly can add a fun dimension to your vacation canvas print.

Family Silhouette 86520167 300x200 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Stop to Smell the Roses! Flowers are in full bloom, so why not incorporate them into your family photos. This will give your canvas prints a seasonal flair.

2495561 Veer GirlRunninginGrass Med 300x276 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Let Your Kids Go Wild! Often our photos seem staged and generic. Showcase each person’s unique personality by capturing natural moments.

FunBeach57599203 300x201 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

Use Filters! Did a picture not turn out as artsy as you would have hoped? Use some great filters to add dimension to your image.

57442202 300x196 Summer Vacation Canvas Ideas

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