The Top 20 Graduation Photo Ideas for 2016

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With diploma season in full swing, now is the time to narrow down your graduation photo ideas. Whether you or your loved one is graduating from college, high school, or even kindergarten, all are once in a lifetime events to remember. So charge the camera, pop some champagne (or sparkling cider!), and try out these 20 creative picture ideas for the Class of 2016.


Sign of the Times

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1. Incorporating signage into your graduation portraits is a fun way to convey feelings of relief, excitement, and everything in between. You can order signs online, make them by hand, or just use a chalkboard to display your message of choice. A few ideas:

  • “Done,” “I Did It,” or “I’m Out of Here!”
  • “Next Stop…Graduate School”
  • “The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle”
  • “Thanks, Mom and Dad”
  • “Class of 2016″

2. Lie on the ground next to a large cutout of a thought bubble that has a graduation message, school memory, or your plan for the future written inside.

3. String together letters or numbers for a banner to hang between trees, hold over your head, or attach to archways and pose beneath.

4. Hold a college acceptance letter or printed diploma in front of you while wearing your cap and gown. Focus on the paper so that it is easy to read, with your blurred outline in the background.

5. Kick back in a casual pose with your feet propped up showing “2016” written on the bottom of a new pair of shoes. You can also hang your tassel from a pair of high heels.


All in The Family

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6. Education is not a solo journey, but a family affair. If you have kids, why not include them in your graduation portraits? While holding an “I Did It” sign, your child can hold an “I Helped” sign next to you.

7. Pose in your new cap and gown while holding your first kindergarten, elementary school, or middle school graduation portrait.

8. Show the family legacy of education by posing with pictures of your parents and grandparents graduating from their high school or college.

9. Include your parents jumping for joy next to you in your cap and gown. Better yet, add a sign bearing a funny message about no longer having to pay your tuition.


Sparkle and Pop

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10. Hold a handful of glitter or confetti in your hand and blow it out toward the camera. School colors or graduation shapes are available at most party or craft stores.

11. Pose with sparklers and try writing your name or your graduation year at night. While this requires slightly more advanced photography skills, it makes for a dynamic photo.

12. Take an up-close picture of your face while blowing a bubble with gum. Add text to your photo, using the bubble as a zero in “2016” for a fun graduation portrait.


Get a Little Artsy

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13. Create silhouettes by holding up banner letters to spell “G-R-A-D” or “2-0-1-6″ over your head while in your cap and gown. Not feeling crafty? Just hold your diploma in one hand and use the other to toss your cap in the air. ?Sundown is the perfect time for silhouette photography.

14. Decorate the top of your cap and pin it to the back of your head, then walk away from the camera to showcase the design. This one is great to try with a group of friends.

15. Stand next to a pile of books that is taller than you or on top of a smaller stack. You can also go to the library and pose next to books from your major or favorite subject.

16. Write “2016” on your sports ball of choice. Wear one heel or dress shoe with your graduation outfit, and one sports shoe resting on the ball.


Just the Beginning

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17. For some, graduation is not the end, but just the next step in the education journey. Track your progress by posing next to a checklist with your recent accomplishment plus future steps waiting to be checked off. For example:

“Bachelor’s Degree” (Checked Off)
“Master’s Degree” (Not Checked)
“Medical Degree” (Not Checked)
“Dr. Smith” (Not Checked)
“On My Way,” “Halfway There,” etc.

18. To highlight college majors or career goals, pose with props like school supplies for teachers or a stethoscope for doctors. Graduates with undecided plans can pose with question mark cutouts for a little mystery!

19. Write positive messages like “My Future Starts Here” with chalk on the road, wooden letters in the grass, or sand on the beach. Stand or sit by your message and have a friend take photos from above.

20. Sling your cap and gown over your shoulder and walk away from the camera. Wave goodbye, kick up your heels, or hold a sign facing the camera with a farewell message.

Keep these ideas in mind come graduation day and you’re sure to end up with some photos you love. In honor of all the grads out there, we’re running 76% off canvas prints plus free shipping so you can celebrate this huge accomplishment for years to come. Get started here, and don’t forget the many people that helped get you to the stage! Say thanks with a photo gift from your special day.

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