Tips and Tricks- Adding Color to your Home

We were so excited to see Better Homes and Gardens palette of the year. This year it includes delphinium blue, cobalt blue, beige, poppy, sunny yellow, leaf green and lilac. Here are some great ideas of how to incorporate these vibrant shades into your home.

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Color Palette of the Year

  • Paint an Accent Wall– Although it does require a little work, painting one wall in a room can give your room a little extra personality. If you are working with a smaller room, use lighter colors to add more depth. Warmer, darker hues catch your eye more and will make the room seem smaller.
  • Add Pillows and Throws– Adding pillows and throws to your decor is a cheap and easy way to introduce another color and brighten up a room. Head on over to Home Goods or Marshals to find some great deals. This is also a great way to switch around your style by season. Add brighter hues for spring and summer and warmer tones for fall
  • Flowers and Plants– The famous bluebonnet flowers are in full bloom down here in Texas. Pick wildflowers to add some of these brighter colors to any space. If wildflowers aren’t your thing, purchase fresh flowers or a plant at the market. Plants like English Ivy or Lady Palm help keep the air fresh in your home and add leaf green color to your space.
  • Add a Rug– While some area rugs can be pricey, they do pull great color into a room. If you have more contemporary style, choose a patterned rug to add more detail. A runner in the entry way also adds some color and style to a more bland part of your home.
  • Window Treatments– Window treatments can really change the look of a room. These are also something that can be changed seasonally. Add a fun cobalt blue pattern for this summer color scheme. They can be a little more expensive depending on your window sizes, but really dramatically change the style of a room.
  • Wall Art– Changing out the photos and art on your walls can be a great way to incorporate more spring and summer colors. Create canvases of family photos taken during the different seasons.
  • Bedding– Purchasing new bedding is the best way to reinvent your bedroom. Investing in something that produces a better nights sleep is never an issue for us! If you have a down comforter, you can change the look dramatically by just purchases a new duvet cover and some throw pillows.

Fotor0425134918 Tips and Tricks  Adding Color to your Home*Images courtesy of West Elm and Better Homes and Gardens


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