Top 10 Creative Photography Tips

If you like the idea of printing photos on canvas to decorate your home or office, be sure to start with quality images. That means subject quality, not just technical quality. While taking great photos may be an art, you can still learn how to take nice pictures using some basic, creative photography ideas.

The first and most important detail is getting a digital camera that you’re comfortable using, since it automatically generates pictures in digital/electronic format that can be downloaded from your camera onto your computer, and then uploaded into our online canvas design system to make prints.

If you have a printed photo you want to use, scan it or have it scanned into electronic format at stores that specialize in copying and printing services. Depending on your picture quality, Easy Canvas Prints can usually enhance it. If you don’t have a picture you want to print yet, try these helpful photography tips to get you started.

Photography Tips

Subject: Pay attention to the many fascinating details around you, and choose an interesting person or object as the subject of your image.

Composition: Select the position of your subject in the camera frame (i.e., center, off center, upper right, lower left, etc.). Hint: try both candid shots and posed shots.

Close-Ups (macro photography): Take a closer shot by zooming in rather than a wide one by zooming out, since magnified details are often more interesting than tiny details in the distance.

Lighting: Whenever possible, use natural, indirect, and ambient lighting – even at night – since a flash can create unwanted effects such as red eyes, shadows, and washed-out images.

Auto Mode: Use one of the automatic or semi-automatic modes (close-up/macro, nighttime, landscape, portrait, etc.), unless you’re already skilled in using photography techniques.

Environment: Dreary weather does not necessarily make a bad photo. Instead, focus on the subject to reduce the amount of sky in your camera frame, or shoot in black and white to augment the mood.

Special Effects: Special effects to portray motion (slow or fast shutter speed) and depth of focus (aperture controls) require practice before getting a polished result. Instead, take pictures at different angles – from the ground up or from the top down – for different perspectives.

Simplicity: If you’re a beginner, select a subject that’s easier to capture on camera, not something too complex like subjects in motion, and limit the use of special effects with your camera or photo editing software to avoid visual overload.

Creativity: Photos with special appeal come from shooting unusual subjects or from shooting common subjects in uncommon situations. Experiment, and keep your eyes open for the extraordinary in everyday situations.

Focus: Unless it’s a special effect, blurry photos are not appealing. Focus on your subjects to make clear, sharp images. Keep the camera still and hold your breath, or use a tripod. With a steady hand, press the photo button, holding it down for one to two seconds before releasing it…and presto! You have a digital photo.

Once you’ve decided which photos you want to display, discover how to turn them into canvas prints.

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