How to Use Your Instagram Addiction to Create Incredible Home Decor

More people than ever are photographing their lives on a regular basis.
Only five years ago most of us carried pocket cameras or DSLRs for
holiday snaps, portraits, and photos of special occasions. Subsequently,
they would languish on a laptop hard drive never to be seen.

The Smartphone Camera Revolution

These days, most folks are more likely to reach for our cellphones. Long
gone are the days of grainy pix elated camera phones; modern smartphones
can produce images that are more than a match for most point and shoot
cameras, and even some DSLRs. Image processing software and apps such as
VSCO Cam, Snapseed, and Instagram have made it exceptionally easy to
produce photo quality that was previously only possible with extensive
technical knowledge and experience. As a result, it has never been
simpler to create great-looking photos and share them online in an
instant through social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Offline Sharing

There are some pretty cool ways to share photos offline, too. Making
canvas prints of your favorite smartphone shots could transform your
home space into a totally unique mini art gallery – a great way to wow
friends and family alike. An Instagram pic taken on a smartphone with a
10-megapixel camera can look good even on an 18″ canvas. There?s
certainly no need to spend thousands on expensive camera gear to create
impressive results.

From Instagram Pic to Canvas Masterpiece!

Instagram Images1 How to Use Your Instagram Addiction to Create Incredible Home DecorIt is often said that the most important factor for creating a photo is
the person taking it. An artistic eye, good composition, and
understanding of the rule of thirds are fundamentals to good
photography. However, that?s not to say that the equipment doesn?t
matter. These three factors will also play an important role in
determining which Instagram image looks good on canvas:

1. Resolution: For optimum quality, the image should be at least
180 dots per inch (DPI) to provide sufficient resolution for
printing. Smartphones with more megapixels will allow you to create
larger prints.
2. Lighting: Instagram photos taken in good lighting or with a low
ISO setting have less chance of looking grainy on canvas. Photos
taken at night will often come out looking grainy and blurry unless
taken on a flat surface to avoid camera vibration.
3. Sharpness: Sharp images look better on a larger print. This can
be achieved by making sure the subject is in focus and well lit.
Soft and blurry pics look worse when enlarged.
ECP SEO Instagram How to Use Your Instagram Addiction to Create Incredible Home Decor

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