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Create A Custom Set of 20

Paper Coasters

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  • Matte material
  • Durable and Disposable
  • Perfect for branding

Customize Your Own Paper Coasters

Durable and Disposable

Our custom paper coasters are durable to meet your needs while also being disposable to keep your messaging fresh.

Great for Events

Paper coasters are the perfect idea for a personalized touch to any event while on a budget.

Buying in Bulk?

Our custom paper coasters come in sets of 20 to meet whatever your needs are!

About Our Custom Paper Coasters

One of the top products that you see in bars and restaurants around the world are custom paper coasters. Why not get some for your business? Our custom paper coasters allow you to share a special message with consumers to promote your business or even just your monthly specials. Not only are these personalized paper coasters budget-friendly but they also are able to properly handle condensation on any surface!

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Can I upload one design per coaster?
No, at this time you cannot add more than 1 design per coaster line item. However, you add multiple different line items to your order if you want to have multiple branding efforts going on at once!
I want to buy coasters in bulk. How many can I purchase?
You can buy as many coasters as you would like! Paper Coasters come in sets of 20.
Do you make custom shapes and sizes?
Not at the moment but our team is always working to expand our product offerings.
Which is better: Photo or paper coasters?
It is really up to you. Paper coasters are going to be more budget-friendly, but photo coasters are more durable and add a more stylish pop.

Ready to Create Your Custom Paper Coasters?