Sleek. Modern. Metal.

Make your favorite memories shine with our new metal prints.

About Metal Prints

Make your photos shine with high-resolution metal prints. The sleek, modern look of aluminum highlights every detail of the photos you love. Print quality doesn't get any better than this!

Size New Price Old Price
8" x 8" $29.69 $59.38
8" x 10" $35.62 $71.25
11" x 14" $50.78 $101.56
12" x 12" $50.78 $101.56
12" x 18" $76.15 $152.31
16" x 16" $78.15 $156.31
16" x 20" $100.94 $201.88
20" x 24" $132.12 $264.25
20" x 30" $161.65 $323.31
24" x 36" $221.78 $443.56
32" x 32" $262.40 $524.81

Most Popular Sizes

From a statement piece to a modest accent, create the look you need with our most popular metal print sizes.

Hanging Options

All of our metal prints arrive ready to hang with a recessed wooden frame and hanging wire. The recessed frame creates a beautiful floating effect for your print that is easy to hang on a hook or nail!


Brighten any space with the most vibrant print on the market. Our aluminum prints are printed on high-definition ChromaLuxe® blanks that shine with a glossy finish and dye sublimation print process, so you're left with a crystal clear finished product.


What kind of metal is used?
Our metal prints are made of aluminum that is 0.75mm thick
How are metal prints shipped and when will they arrive?
Shipped in a bag or box, metal prints normally ship out five business days after you place your order, though it may be longer during the holidays. Exact delivery estimate is provided when you place your order based on your location and the current season. Your delivery date may be delayed if you upload a low resolution image and our Art Team reached out to you for a higher resolution image.
Can I use a design instead of a photo?
Be as creative as you like! Instead of a photo, some customers go the extra mile and create a design or collage to put on their metal print. Take your time and make something wonderful, or take it easy and upload a photo you love!
What file formats do you accept?
Easy Canvas Prints can accept PNG, JPG, BMP and TIF files that are 20MB and under. If your file is over this size limit you can flatten the image, convert to RGB in 8-bit mode and save as a JPG at the maximum quality level. If you must send a file format not accepted online or a file larger than 20MB, please call us for assistance and instructions.
Will my finished product look like the image on my computer screen?
Every device screen displays images differently. Unless you have a profiled monitor, it may not display accurate colors. Every screen displays images differently and may differ from what the final printed product looks like. If your image needs dramatic color adjustments, please select our Major Retouching and let us know you would like color correction.
What if I am attempting to find images on the Internet?
Many images online are low resolution and are not intended for printing. However, one way to filter for higher quality images is by going to the image section within the Google search engine. You would search for the item, and then click on "Show Options" and then on the left hand side choose "Large". If you're unable to locate an appropriate image, we do offer assistance with sourcing stock images. Contact us for a quote.